Google has detailed some of the changes coming to Android Studio with its 2.2 release. Android Studio, which is used in the creation of 92% of the top 125 Android apps, will be faster at building apps, and will give developers new tools to make going from an idea to a working app easier.

Android Studio 2.2

There are a number of new features coming with Android Studio 2.2. Test recording will allow you to test your app locally or in a cloud test lab, and get an automatically-generated test report. There's a new layout designer, which automatically adds restraints when designing your UI. The designer will also help you design for multiple layouts and screen sizes.

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Amongst the other tools coming to Android Studio are the new layout inspectork, expanded Android code analysis, and enhanced C++ support. It will also feature support for new Android N features.

You can tune into the Android Centralliveblog of Google's keynote for more from I/O 2016.