Android selected to power Boeing's 787 Dreamliner entertainment system

Boeing has chosen Android to power the in-flight entertainment system of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. For other aircraft, airlines are able to choose their own entertainment contracts, but the 787 will feature a package deal to save costs.

The inflight entertainment system will feature music, videos and apps that will run on screens ranging from 7- 17 inches. This is a big win for Android as it will see further expansion on all airlines that will use the 787 Dreamliner. If you know much about the 787, it has continuously been delayed. However, there is much anticipation for it and once it starts flying, it will likely be an incredibly popular aircraft due to its fuel efficiency. No word yet on when exactly we'll see Android inside, but it's an exciting prospect for the future.

 Source: Australian Business Traveller 

Sean Brunett
  • When you consider you can just about throw a rock from the Dreamliner assembly line in Everett and have it land on Microsoft's door step in Redmond this is a pretty big win. First Dreamliner delivery will be Sept 26 to ANA (Japan).
  • As a Boeing employee in South Carolina I laugh at greed...first Congress punches the crap out of the NLRB today and now Android cockslapping the taste out of Apple and Microsoft...good news all around today. Boeing and Android makes the perfect tag team!!!!
  • This makes sense since most in flight systems are running Linux anyways.
  • And now we know the origins of the HK-aerials
  • I love stories like this. It shows the wide diversity of both the Android os and Android Central. First you have manufactures and corporation outside the cell phone market adapting to the technology in the os. Then you have members here on the site also outside the realm of cell phones who are able to bring in further incite on a subject not android related. Gotta love it.....
  • I just hope that it wont be connected to Dreamliner's main system
  • Apple has a patent on operating sysyems and air right i.e. Macbook Air.....
    Apple lawyers scramble for a pretext..
  • On the forums some dude posted directions on how to root a 787
  • Root access required for barrel rolls.
  • That's for Airbus. Boeing planes come rooted (no hard limitations on pilot inputs). ;-)