Android sees huge growth through Jan. (what phone could have caused that?)

Take a look at the latest smartphone usage numbers from Comscore, and you're likely to do a double-take -- Android increased by 4.3 percentage points from November '09 through January 2010 over the three previous months, giving it a 7.1 percent share. There's no doubt that Android's popularity continues to grow. But those numbers likely can (and should) be attributed to the introduction of just one phone: The Motorola Droid, which launched in October 2009.

That's not to say we should discount the growth. But the simple fact is there are two ways to look at Android at the moment: Before Droid/After Droid. If we see the growth curve continue this stratospheric climb, we've got a friggin' movement on our hands. But we need a few more quarters under our belts first. [Comscore]

Phil Nickinson