Android Set-Top Box Does 1080p Video, So Coming to Your Living Room

MIIPS Technologies recently demoed an Android-powered set-top box capable of 1080p video. Short reaction: Sweet. Long Reaction: We're unsure if there's even demand for an Android set-top box but if we know one thing about typical TV user interfaces is that they suck, big time. Android could work wonders in that market.

According to MIIPS, this is "a major milestone toward the creation of a reference platform" that'll eventually lead to Android-based products in your living room. This is all only proof-of-concept and with no video of how it actually works, it's pretty tough to tell if it'll be a winner or not. Regardless, we're interested in seeing more development on this front and it just continues to show how amazing Android can be.

We'll definitely keep an eye on Android set-top boxes in the future. Thoughts?


Casey Chan