Android #1 in UK

Android is already confirmed as the leading smartphone OS in Europe as a whole, and now it's stolen iOS's crown in the UK, according to a study carried out for Intelligent Environments, a British banking software provider.

The numbers show that Android's 28% of the British smartphone market now surpasses that of iOS, which has a 26% share. BlackBerry OS is left in the dust with just 14% of the market. Windows Phone 7's share wasn't even mentioned. Among Brits aged 25-34, Android's dominance was even greater, with a 36% share of smartphone users in this age group.

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. In addition to Android's European success, the Carphone Warehouse, a major retail player in the UK, has reported Android sales increases of over 2,000% in the past year. Android remains strong across the pond too, with a recent ComScore survey suggesting that it's just dethroned RIM as the market leader in the US. [Press Association]