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Android Market web page revamped, is only slightly more useful now

The good news: The Android Market web page has gotten a bit of a freshening up ahead of Google IO this week. The bad news: It's not that much more useful. Sure, you can browse more apps (and do so in a much more intuitive way). But what we really want to see is some actual connectivity between the site and our phones -- much (or exactly) like App Brain. We need to be able to purchase, mark for install and rate apps from a web portal. Not just from our phones, and (definitely) not from a stand-alone program on a computer.

Is this redesign a precursor for things to come? We'll find out this week, we guess. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Rome wasn't built in a day. Show a little respect and be a little more positive. Next you'll asking for little bubbly cutsy wootsy icons.
  • I see no difference ???
  • The only things I want in appbrain are automated installs/uninstalls and also the ability to queue up installs/uninstalls on the phone and then run them all at once like you do with the website. They google can acquire it and build it into the phones.
  • > Show a little respect and be a little more positive. You mean `pretend that something which sucks doesn't suck`? I haven't been to that site since I got my phone, because it only seemed to show a few of the apps available. It would be great to have a proper site which meaningfully let you browse *all* of the apps available. It would also be great if you could use it to manage the apps on your phone - bookmark stuff to check out later; use white/black lists to remove endless pointless spam apps (such as little `books` of quotes), foreign language stuff, apps below a threshold (downloads/rating)etc. As it is, using the Market app on the phone is a pretty painful experience. I end up finding out about apps online and then just use Search on the Market to install it. It doesn't have to be that way.
  • google should buy out app brain
  • And how about the most ironic omission of all: SEARCH! It's google for God's sake!
  • I don't have an android phone yet, but will be getting 2 HTC EVO on June 4. Today is the first day seeing Andoid Market online. Since I don't have the phone yet its nice to see some of the apps. However wow. You cant search the apps. The paid apps don't show the price. And every thing else mentioned. Google, make this a priority.