New version of Android Market brings a new tab to apps

New market tab

Looks like a new version of the Android Market is being silently pushed out to devices running Froyo, complete with a new tab to find related applications.  Yours may say "Similar" as it does on the Droid X in the shot to the left, or it may say "Related" as it does on the Evo 4G to the right.  For all intents and purposes, it appears to be the same thing with a different label.

While we can't see behind the curtain, it's pretty certain that there's more on the way, either with Gingerbread or as an addition to existing versions of Android. (And, yes, this looks like what we saw in that Gingerbread video earlier today.)

Anyone else out there seeing Market changes?  Sing out in the forums! Thanks, Andy, Javier, and Josh for the tips!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Mine says "Related" but it's the same thing.
  • how did your market update? was it like a pushed update or did it just appear there?
  • It just appeared there.
  • Same Josh as twitter Josh I see. Thanks again!
  • Does this come with the high res photos and youtube clips or is that still destined for Gingerbread/later version?
  • I was on Gchat on my laptop and I accidentally tried to video chat with a friend online on an android phone and I got this message "Voice/video chat is not yet available for Xxxxx's system." Is this a clear sign that video chat is coming soon to android?
  • Since the Nexus S has a front facing camera it's pretty obvious that it will.
  • Its probably coming but that message has been there for a long time, a good few weeks/months
  • absolutely not. Every platform besides being logged into gmail/igoogle says that... The official GTalk app, pidgin, adium, etc. But, I hope <3
  • Nothing here in Germany on my Galaxy S!
  • The third tab was also shown off in the Cantonese Gingerbread video that was posted earlier today. Cantonese
  • I Doubt It's Related But... After I Did The Adobe Flash Update For Android, I Noticed The New "Related" Tab On The Android Market When I Searched For An App!
  • Updating Flash player didn't change anything for me. Likely that we all have to wait for the market updater app to run at it's next scheduled time. But cool that you got it...I;m never first :p
  • Rooted Droid2 w/fission Rom, nothing here yet.
  • i wish i could get a theme with a black bar on my x...
  • This would be super if us galaxy s owners had official froyo already...
  • For real. My Fascinate is lacking without it.
  • No change on my Evo.
  • i haven't got this update on my Evo. Rooted using Sprint lovers rom. What do i do?
  • I'm rooted using unrEVOked. Wonder if that's it.
  • No. My Evo is not rooted and I don't have the change.
  • I think it's probably also using port 80 or 443 for downloads as I was all the sudden able to download apps on my company's network.
  • any way to pull the apk for the market so we can install it?
  • look through the gapps via cyanogenMod's website... maybe its already pulled.
  • Can't the link for Gapps is broken 404 error
  • No tabs at all on my epic. Why would there need to be different versions of the market for something that seems fairly basic like tabs?
  • No change yet!
  • When I go into appbrain it shows an update to my market about 6 hours ago, but I dont see any of the new tabs. Market version shows 2002013 on my Epic under manage applications.
  • Maybe this is why the Market on my Nexus One (Unlocked using Vodafone UK) is being screwy at the moment? I can't update a paid app (Pure Calender Widget) and Weather Bug is telling me that the app is not licensed.
  • I am in Chicago on Verizon, got the updated market, was not prompted for any install. I did have some app updates this morning, which is when I noticed the three tabs.
  • I went to the homepage on my market, clicked the first app I saw - no tab. Searched for an app, clicked that one and boom, there's the tab. Went back to my homepage and now they all have the "related" tab. Not sure if this helps anyone. I'm using a MT4G.
  • Just got it on the Droid and mine tab is titled "similar"
  • This is not just for froyo. I got this update on my epic 4g. My wife still doesn't have the last update and she's on an epic as well!
  • got the market update on my Incredible and it's the "Related" on the DInc
  • Interesting...I have "Related" on my DX. I wonder if it's a carrier thing?
  • My Captivate 2.1 market app just got updated :D Now crossing fingers for 2.2...
  • Im on Eclair 2.1-update1 and its saying "Related" on apps when I go to download them in my Market - so maybe its not just for those (giving the evil side eye) --> on Froyo. Or maybe, just maybe its a sign that Froyo is coming out for me and my fellow Eclairians. Here's to wishful thinking....may those prayers for Froyo be answered soon. :::sigh:::