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Android hacked onto a HTC HD 7 Windows Phone

Hacking Android onto devices that Android was not meant to run on is a great pastime for some folks. In fact, it's one we enjoy seeing thoroughly. Managing to pull it off, and have it run well -- that's kind of a different story. In any case, the above video looks to be that of an HTC HD7 Windows Phone getting an Android makeover that appears to of have gone rather well. While we can't comment on its legitimacy -- if it is a fake, it's a really good one. What do you all think, fake or real? [HDBlog] Thanks, Niccolo for sending this in!

  • really, who cares?
  • Isn't that just an evo?
  • I'm pretty sure I first saw this a year ago.
  • Pretty sure you didn't since the HD7 wasn't out a year ago. ;-) That being said, yeah, WP7 hardware is essentially right on spec with most high-end Android devices.. meaning its mostly the same, so it would make perfect sense for Android to port over rather easily, now if only I could get a WP7 port for my Droid Incredible.. just for shits and giggles.
  • I have Android running on my brother-in-law's HD2. Now his Windows 6.5 phone is running a Gingerbread ROM while I'm stuck with Froyo on the Epic.
  • ugh, suddenly my HD7 feels violated lol
    I am really surprised it took this long with the HD2 running Android as the HD7 is essentially the HD2 with capacitive buttons and an Evo with a different OS, no 4g and no FFC. Looks real though. I still prefer my Windows Phone 7 OS on my hd7 but if the play isn't released this month like stated and Xda developer's can get a hold of this and do something, I'll gladly use it if i could still use my Windows Phone 7 OS
  • We had a customer come with this done and he was having issues. We went ahead and switched it back to windows and then again back to Android. Most of the functionality was good but it would freeze up. I would not suggest this. If you are gonna use Android, get an Android phone. If you are going to use Windows, god help ya.
  • Not faked, just a crappy Chinese knockoff:
  • Not a clone either. The clones dont have "T-Mobile" or "HTC" printed on the top of the screen and enclude a front facing camera. This phone says T-Mobile and HTC and doesnt have the camera :)