Android Device Manager app launches on Google Play

Like the web interface, the new app lets you remotely track and lock down your other Android devices

Google has launched a new Android app allowing users of the Android Device Manager feature to remotely track, ring, lock down or wipe their other devices. Not to be confused with the Google Play Services feature that launched a few months ago, the ADM app duplicates the functionality of the web interface, meaning you can track or control one phone or tablet using another — provided you've first enabled this feature in the Google Settings app.

If you've not yet set up remote locate or remote wipe on your target handset, you can send a notification to it through the Android Device Manager app on the second device. (Fun fact: select the device you're using the app on and it marks its location as "in your hand.")

To get started, grab the new Android Device Manager app from Google Play at the link above.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Love looking up the device you're currently using "just now... In your hand" Posted via Android Central App
  • Some people have more than one android device...
  • Yes he understands, he's pointing out the humor in the wording. Posted via Android Central App
  • Fail Posted via Android Central App
  • LOL !!!!
  • Works SO much better and faster than Web version!... Posted via Android Central App
  • Nice tool for people who purchased the Nexus5 from Google Play. If your device is stolen neither Google or the carrier can black list your IMEI. I will be downloading this.
  • and this won't blacklist your IMEI either. you will simply be doing the crook a favor by wiping fresh the phone for him. and if you wipe too quickly and blow up your SIM card a good samaritan will have a hard time finding you. and the same thing can be done with the web version from any PC anyway. no new functionality here.
  • Not true, the networks can blacklist an IMEI no matter where you buy your phone.
  • But many won't. Its their punishment for not buying from them. If you walk into your carrier's office with some written down IMEI, they would be nuts to blacklist it for you. AT&T wants to obtain the IMEI of phones you supply yourself. I've never understood why, since they never offered any protection (blacklist service) until recently. Your sim will work on any compatible phone but it you walk in and they have a reason to touch your phone (say to give you a new sim) they will want to record the imei.
  • i think it helps AT&T get the APN settings for your phone so it operates properly on their network.
  • Anybody else notice that you cannot install this to a tablet device from the Play Store site? Just tried a Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 from the Play Store website and neither showed up, but I am able to successfully install directly from those devices. btw, there REALLY needs to be a way to change usernames...
  • Isn't the Android Device Manager already in your settings? At least it is for me on my Nexus 5.
  • Like Alex said in the article...not to be confused with the device manager service already on your phone. It just brings the website version to a nicely done app. Great for any one with more than one android device! Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm a doofus-head, I skimmed the article and missed that important tidbit. :p I do have multiple devices, so this would be useful.
  • I just downloaded it onto my Note 3, N7 and Transformer TF300. It works great on all three and it's fast. Anyone with Android devices should have this app.
  • Nice, but creates an even worse security risk for those who have not pin locked their device. Previously you need web access - that required the password. The app requires no authentication at all. Now, a thief can download ADM on your stolen phone and lock or wipe your tablet while it is still in your possession. Posted via Android Central App
  • I noticed this as well so I locked down the app with an app locker that required a pin number.
  • if they will allow to make a photo from a frontal camera like iPhone does, I would agree even to buy it
  • The question is if this is installed and you need to find your phone, is there a way to use the application to track your phone from your friends phone without having to add your google account to your friends phone.
  • No, you need a Google account activated on both. It could be any account though, so you could make up a dummy account and link them both. But then you and your friend can track each others every move which is a bit creepy. Posted via Android Central App
  • It comes has standard on the moto g
  • Cool, now the scumbag who steals your phone can easily wipe all of your devices if you don't have your phone locked. Neat.
  • Until they get the ability to find my phone from another phone through the app, I don't see much use in this. I don't have a tablet, so tracking my phone from my phone is about worthless. My wife has an Android phone also, so if I could add her as a "trusted friend" or something like that to the device manager app, I could see this being very useful. The likelihood of both of us losing our phones at the same time is minimal (I hope).
  • A lot have mentioned if YOU loose your phone, the one to find it can access and control all the other phones IF you did not password protect the phone. Gotta remember to lock your phone ALWAYS! Posted via Android Central App
  • Hi, i have mistakenly clicked erase button from web, after that i have lost all data of my mobile? any solution or method how to get my data from web( or any other solution. give me any idea.