Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Transportation

The winner of this week's Android Central photo contest is August with his picture of a compact in a quiet street scene, taken with his Samsung Galaxy S II using Retro Camera .  This week's pictures were as amazing as last time around, and picking just one was no easy feat.  It's the kind of work we all enjoy though, so we love doing it.  Keep an eye on your e-mail August, I'll be contacting you about getting your battery shipped out.

With so many great pictures, even picking the 10 runners-up was difficult.  We finally settled on them, hit the break to have a look.  Don't forget, we're starting up a new round tomorrow, so keep an eye out.  

Brad Klisurich, Verizon Galaxy Nexus

David Morales, HTC EVO 4G

FC3 Kevin Stewart, Samsung Galaxy S II

G. Kinchen, Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Jerron Jorgensen, Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch and edited with Vignette

Jon G, Motorola Droid

Manuel A.C., Nexus One, using Vignette camera app

Mike Gauley, Samsung Nexus S 4G (look in the window!)

Scott Walker, HTC Droid Incredible

Zense, HTC EVO 4G

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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