Take a look through the past photo contests, and you'll see that many of us have no problem getting clear, and beautiful pictures with our Android devices. With the HTC One series and the new awesome camera, we expect to see even more great pics. So, it's time we turn our fun little photo contests into a learning experience! 

This week we're going to focus on photo composition. Pointing the camera at something interesting and snapping a picture is more than fine for pictures to share with friends and family, but working on how your picture is laid out and the way it all looks takes things up a notch. Take a second and read Leanna's great article about the rule of thirds over at iMore. She did a great job at taking the theory of the golden ratio and breaking down how it helps make for great photographs. She really knows her stuff, and this week we're going to pay attention to how we set up our shots and follow her examples. Take the time to frame your subject, and show us a picture that has that professional look to it. I can't wait to see them this week.

We'll sift through them all, and pick the one that turns out the very best. The winner will get a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Tour High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones so they can relax and listen to some music in style after a long day of taking pictures. There are a couple of rules, be sure to follow them:

  • Use an Android device to take a picture. Any Android device
  • Submit the picture in the forum thread we have set up for this week, so everyone can see your handiwork. E-mail was swamping us, and not everyone got to see all the entries. This way, we get to see them all. We like seeing it all.
  • Only submit one. We're going to check, and we'll know if you try to game the system.
  • Be sure to tell what device you used, and any effects or filters used on the photo. We can learn from these as well as have fun.
  • Get your picture in by Friday midnight (your local time). We'll pick the winner and the runners-up and throw them on the blog Sunday afternoon.

Good luck everyone!

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