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Android beats iOS in Millenial ad impressions for first time

Android and iOS were neck and neck for the last two months for the most ad impressions. New data from Millenial shows that Android has now surged ahead for the first time, showing the continued growth of the OS. 

As you can see from the chart above, Android now has 46% impressions compared to 32% for iOS. Ad revenue from application has also shifted as Android controls 55% in contrast to 39% for iOS. 

Millenial did say that Apple is still the number one manufacturer with the iPhone taking the top spot. This isn't surprising though because there are so many options available in the Android space filling a variety of needs; it's very unlikely that Motorola or HTC by themselves will beat Apple. 

Android is still growing at an enormous rate. Many pundits have questioned future growth with the iPhone going to Verizon, but the fact that the iPhone is on multiple carriers hasn't slowed international Android sales. [via GigaOM]

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  • Drooooid. YOU..HAVE..AN...INCOMING..CALL!
  • Stuff like this would make Steve Jobs cry in bed each morning before getting up.
  • spam filter victim
    Part 1:
    Considering their stock price I highly doubt it. Android has made great strides but we're not there yet, imho. Once we get polished enough for the masses to consume, the same type of consumers snapping up iphones that is, then he'll start to sweat. They haven't lost marketshare, they leveled off and haven't taken up as much of the dumbphone to smartphone converts as they wanted to, as far as I can tell.
  • I give up on this spam filter. It just plain sucks...
  • Even tho I love android, I highly doubt it bothers Steve Jobs. Apple is still bringing in boat loads of money
  • Interesting stats! I think the in-app ad revenue stat needs to be taken with a grain of salt, though, since so many popular apps (e.g. Angry Birds) are primarily purchased apps on iOS but are free, ad-supported apps on Android.
  • People still fail to realize that android is so popular because AT&T exclusivity for so long but if iOS was on every major carrier like android is, but now verizon is carrying the iPhone u will see true numbers android has too much fragmentation which will ultimately do more harm than good.
  • So, you only judge 1 country and don't worry about the fact that Android was essentially non-existent on the country's second largest carrier. iTool.
  • but you fail to realize in other countries where iphone are sold on multiple carriers, android is selling like hotcakes.
  • And people like you make me sick with the reason Ios is so popular because... blah blah blah. The reason I like Android is because it was at the time the most viable option on my carrier for a true touch phone experience. After trying ios and android i know i like android better. You need to realize, Ios isnt the end all be all anymore. There are more and better options out there now besides JUST the iphone. So what if its on Verizon now. Big deal. It really wouldve been last year, but this year not so much. Phones coming in a few months will blow away the iphone4. Maybe last year I wouldve cared if the Itphone came to Verizon. Now its just another touchphone.
  • iPhone still has the best screen with the nicest touch... it's just sexy. I would not take one over my Android phone though. The smartphone experience is more than just hardware bits and I don't consume media the Apple way. Others must feel the same way (or similar) cause Android is still accelerating... the most interesting thought to ponder from this data is whether or not future app releases will start hitting Android first (making the iOS guys wait for a change).