Printing Kids

It turns out 3D Printing isn't only simultaneously incredibly cool and wildly frustrating, it's uncontrollably addictive. If you're a big fan of playing with new things, and you get a 3D Printer, you pretty much spend anything that closely resembles free time thinking about what to do next with that 3D Printer. Designing new things to print in your head, browsing forums for fun new ways to get the most out of your hardware, shopping for filament, and the list just keeps growing. You are limited by your imagination and your wallet, and really those limitations are more likely temporary road blocks.

Naturally, being Android users, it seemed only right to take a look at the apps that are out there to get the most our of your printing experience. There are a ton of apps out there that are related to the 3D Printing experience, but as is often the case with this technology the best apps are either hidden or have a bit of a learning curve.

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