There are big updates, and there are not-so-big updates. Over the years, some Android versions have brought massive technical and visual changes, while others have tightened up the screws and added polish without shaking things up too much.

The new release of for 2017 and beyond — Android 8.0 Oreo — fits somewhere in between those two extremes. Android is pretty stable at this point, so broad, sweeping changes are less necessary with every new version.

As a result, the new version isn't really about big, obvious new features — instead, it's the sum of many, many smaller changes which help make it the most mature and powerful version of Android to date. Oreo brings better performance, fewer pain points and added convenience, thanks to features like notification channels, picture-in-picture, background app limits and smarter text input. Android still feels like Android, but in 8.0 it's more polished than ever.

Check out our video review to see more of what's coming to your phone with the latest OS update.