Android 7.1.2 beta now available for Nexus and Pixel devices

Update, January 31: According to several commenters and sources on social media, Google has begun rolling out Android 7.1.2 through an OTA update to those who have signed up through the Android beta program! The build versions are NPG05D and NPG05E, depending on the device. Go get it!

Android 7.1.2 is rolling out to Nexus and Pixel devices through Google's beta channel, according to a post on the company's developer blog.

Called "the next maintenance release" for Android 7.x Nougat, Google says that "refinements," including "bugfixes and optimizations, along with a small number of enhancements for carriers and users."

Google says the beta, like all previous versions, is compatible with Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player, and Pixel C devices, with an update forthcoming for the Nexus 6P. The final version of Android 7.1.2 will roll out to the same devices when it is ready "in just a couple of months."

How to enrol in the Android Beta Program

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central.