Android 11 adds a 'pause' Motion Gesture on the Pixel 4

Front-facing camera on Pixel 4 XL
Front-facing camera on Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The new gesture shows up in the first Android 11 dev preview released today.
  • This gesture has its own on/off toggle in settings like current Motion Sense gestures do.
  • As with all non-official Android builds, this feature may not make it into the final Android 11 released to the public.

Google Pixel 4 Android 11 Motion Sense Pause

Source: XDA (Image credit: Source: XDA)

Motion Sense gestures have been hit and miss since released on the Pixel 4 in November, but it seems that Google is still working to improve them. XDA was able to find a new play/pause gesture in the new Android 11 developer preview released today.

Play/pause is one of those gestures that have been asked for since the Pixel 4 and Motion Sense came out. The way it seems to be working in its current form is with a light air tap with a palm of the hand over the phone. Like the existing gestures, it seems that getting the hand and motion just right takes a bit of practice.

XDA also found that in testing the new Android 11 developer preview that the current Motion Sense gestures seem to be a little more accurate, allowing for a more natural motion for task execution. As with the gestures found in Android 10, there is a toggle in Android 11 to turn off the pause music gesture specifically.

It's good to see that Google is continuing to work on fine-tuning the motion detection radar chip that's in the Pixel 4. While Motion Sense isn't perfect by any means, it does have its benefits — and Google seems to be adding to those. Hopefully, this gesture makes it to the final build of Android 11.

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