Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid Case for Nexus 6

Slim case that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Nexus 6

The Nexus 6, with its enormous 6-inch display, is a handful to comfortably hold for most people. Since one of the main fears about owning and handling a phone this large is that you might drop it, many choose to protect it with a case. If you are like me, you love the way Motorola designed the back of phone and like to display the Nexus branding while using the device. With the Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid Case you get complete protection of your Nexus 6 while also having the ability to see the beautiful Nexus logo.

Great protection but with a few compromises

The Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid case is a combination of a TPU bumper that protects the edges and a slick piece of clear plastic that protects the back of the device from scratches. When you first put the case on your Nexus 6, it looks like you have attached a bumper case due to the transparent backing. The TPU edges grip onto the front of the display in a way that does not hinder your use of the phone but also slightly elevates the glass off of any surface if placed down, display first.

After using the case for several days I started to notice some things that made the case more of a hindrance and an eyesore compared to using the Nexus 6 without a case. The first issue is that the cut-outs for the power and volume buttons are not easy to find just by touch. I found that almost every time I wanted to raise the volume of my Nexus 6, I would accidentally hit the power button. This became a real pain when attempting to watching videos or other types of media that would reset themselves by the time I had unlocked the phone.

My second issue has to do with the clear plastic backing of the Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid Case. When I first started to use the case, the plastic was completely see-through and nicely displayed the Nexus logo. Three things quickly make this "feature" of the case an eyesore, the first of which was that the clear plastic is a fingerprint magnet. The second is that the plastic is scratch-prone. The fingerprints could easily be wiped away — unless they're on the underside of the case — but the scratches stand out (though of course that means the phone itself isn't getting scratched). The third issue is that whenever any type of pocket lint of dust got under the clear plastic, your Nexus 6 will begin to look dirty. Of course you can remove the case to wipe away any debris but the more you remove the case, but that's just one more thing to worry about that you wouldn't if you weren't using a case — and it's a notable trade-off.

Overall the Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid Case is a great case to protect your Nexus 6 while also showing off the Nexus branding, so long as you're okay with the case itself getting a bit scratched. During my time with the case I did accidentally drop my Nexus 6 once on the concrete without damage so I can say that the TPU edging is more than capable of protect your device. The case is available in black and white so you have some options when accessorizing your Nexus 6, and it'll set you back just $9.95.

Justin Duino