Amazon's Fire TV Cube might feature always-listening Alexa

Earlier this week, a report came out that Amazon's next venture with Alexa is to integrate the assistant into in-home robots. We're still a ways off before that actually comes to market, but in the very near future, the online shopping giant will announce a new product called the "Fire TV Cube."

Spotted by AFTV News, there's a new page on Amazon right now teasing the product. The page asks "What is Fire TV Cube?" and says that details are coming soon with a link to enter your email for more info as it becomes available. Along with this, there's the iconic blue light that's seen with Amazon's Echo speakers.

Although no further details are provided on the page, this Fire TV Cube is likely the same box that was leaked last September ahead of the Fire TV 4K (2017) launch. That box was a no-show during Amazon's hardware event last year, but seeing as how the leak for the Fire TV dongle was so spot-on, I'm inclined to believe that the leak is also accurate of the Fire TV Cube we'll soon have.

Last year's Fire TV 4K and (potentially) the new Fire TV Cube.

Last year's Fire TV 4K and (potentially) the new Fire TV Cube.

Along with providing access to Amazon's Fire TV platform, the Cube will also likely act as an Echo of sorts by always listening for the Alexa hotword. In addition to the Echo lighting on its promotional page, the leak showcased Echo Dot-like buttons on the top and an array of microphones.

There's currently no word on pricing or availability, but does this sound like something you'd be interested in?

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Joe Maring

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