Amazon's all-new Fire HD 10 has a 1080p display, costs just $149

Amazon is rolling out much-needed updates to the Fire HD 10 (opens in new tab) and decreasing its price point at the same time. The latest generation Fire HD 10 features a 10.1-inch Full HD display, double the amount of storage at 32GB, and a 1.8GHz MediaTek quad-core CPU that's 30% faster than the one used in its predecessor. The tablet will go up for sale starting October 11 for $149 (opens in new tab), or $80 less than the starting price of its predecessor.

The tablet comes with 2GB of RAM, a microSD slot that can accommodate cards up to 256GB, stereo speakers with audio tuned by Dolby, Wi-Fi ac, 2MP rear camera, VGA front camera, 3.5mm jack, and a Micro-USB charging port. Amazon is touting a battery life of up to ten hours, and claims that the Fire HD 10 is much more durable than the iPad Pro 10.5 (opens in new tab).

The Fire HD 10 also comes with hands-free Alexa, allowing you to control music playback, turn off the lights, see weather-related updates, sports scores, and so much more.

Amazon is offering the Fire HD 10 in two variants: a base model with 32GB storage that will retail for $149, and a version with 64GB storage that will set you back $189 (opens in new tab). As always, both models come with lock screen ads, but you can shell out an additional $15 to get the variants without "special offers."

The Fire HD 10 is made out of plastic, and comes in three color options — Black, Marine Blue and Punch Red. Amazon is also rolling out protective covers starting at $39.

Overall, the upgrades make the Fire HD 10 a much more enticing option, particularly at that $149 price point. The tablet is now up for pre-order on Amazon, with deliveries going out from October 11.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Not a fan of these Amazon tablets die to their limited abilities. No Chromecast is crazy.
  • You can install google play and other google services, decrapping them from amazons bloatware is a bit harder as there's no root for more recent tablets.
  • All I really want is a large tablet for reading comics. This is the right price and screen resolution for my needs. I can even side load Google Play to read comics I have purchased there.
  • i'm annoyed that Marvel Unlimited is not available in the Amazon Appstore. That's the sole reason I'm looking for a tablet around this size is for MU. So I'd have to sideload Google Play just to get it to do the one thing I want to do. ComiXology Unlimited has a lot of a bit more obscure stuff, but not a wide breadth of DC and nowhere near the collection of Marvel comics vs Marvel Unlimited. I wish DC did something similar to be honest.
  • $3 for ComiCat and a microSD card loaded with comic cbr/cbz files. Almost anything not available on Comixology yet is still available as a scanned copy. I have thousands of golden, silver and bronze age titles. Totally worth it.
  • Piracy is so 2000s.
  • The Amazon App Store is garbage. I refuse to sideload the Google Play Store. It should come with the Play Store. These days it's risky to install an APK from a source that isn't totally trustworthy.
  • Amazon isn't about to officially allow their biggest competitor to set up shop on their tablets. Google apps are about the most trustworthy apps out there so I feel safe about installing their stuff.
  • I can't wait to root and rom, root and rom. Makes for a pretty cheap droid.
  • "The Fire HD 10 is made out of plastic, and" Kudos to Amazon for being able to do so much with just plastic!