Amazon UK headphone listings defaced with racist images

Amazon Logo Wall Grey 7qgl
Amazon Logo Wall Grey 7qgl (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Earbud product listings on Amazon's online storefront have been hijacked and vandalized.
  • Product images have been replaced with images displaying strong racist language.
  • The results are believed to be the result of a security breach playing off of current political tensions.

Searching for AirPods right now on Amazon? Don't. Product listings for search results related to Apple's popular earbuds have been hijacked, with product images replaced by banners showing off strongly racist language.

While we have chosen not to embed images of the language used, the message can be seen in screenshots on social media (which we have been able to verify independently).

It's not clear exactly how this happened, but all signs point to a security breach aimed at exacerbating current racial tensions in the United States.

At the time of writing, Amazon has yet to speak about the breach publicly. We have reached out to Amazon for comment on this story and will update when we get a response.

Update: Amazon comment

An Amazon spokesperson gave Android Central the following comment: "We are removing the images in question and have taken action on the bad actor."

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Michael Allison
  • I feel like I went to bed back in March and woke up to hell on earth.
  • Nah. It was already messed up. It's always been like this have to various degrees...
  • Wow you would think it's 1820 or 1920 and not 2020
  • Very pathetic. I almost feel sorry for the people that did this, absolute wankers that they are. The post says it revolves around current political tensions... Are there current political tensions around race? I haven't noticed any... You know, no more than usual. But I suppose I haven't been outside in almost 3 months...
  • You haven't noticed the cities burning across the US because the police murdered another black man on video?
  • I have, but I've also noticed that the US and UK are different countries. Did you not realise that?
  • Hey, I'm in the UK and it's really hard to miss. Just search up "protests" and click the news tab though.
  • So, did you not read my comment or just not understand? I know what's happening in America, it isn't happening here and this was on the UK site, where Americans won't see it. Where's the connection? What suggests this is related to the situation in the States rather than just genetic racism?