What you need to know

  • First time Amazon is directly selling Google's Pixel phones.
  • The Pixel 3a XL comes with a $100 Amazon gift card for a limited time!
  • From $399 at Amazon - Google Pixel 3a
  • From $479 at Amazon - Google Pixel 3a XL

For the first time ever, you can now buy a Google Pixel phone directly from Amazon. That is, so long as you have your sights set on the Pixel 3A or 3A XL — starting at $399 and $479 respectively — the only two the leading online retailer recently began offering. Word is still out on whether or not the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, or any other Google Pixel phones for that matter, will join them.

Still, it's a welcome development after Google and Amazon finally announced a resolution to their spat over Youtube that lasted more than a year. Both models of Google's Chromecast also returned to the marketplace in December, another good indication that the two companies are beginning to play nice again. And while it still lacks a launch date, Youtube's app should be making a very, very welcome return to Amazon's Fire TV devices sometime later this year. In the meantime, customers will have to take their victories where they can get them, such as by taking the opportunity to scoop up a Pixel 3a or 3a XL on Amazon.

You can get the Pixel 3a XL with a $100 Amazon gift card for a limited time, too, which is pretty great.

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