Amazon invites developers to ready their apps for international expansion

Amazon announced this morning that they are close to expanding their Appstore for Android to international locations and are inviting developers to participate using the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. Countries that will be included are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The Appstore will role out to these places 'later this summer'.

If you're a developer, you can select specific countries that you want to include and set the price. If you're already a part of the distribution program, your app will automatically be submitted to the new markets. Amazon will not require multiple languages, but highly encourages the use of them.

Amazon also announced two changes to the distribution agreement:

  • Beginning July 1, developers will earn 70% of list price for each paid app sale. This differs from the previous agreement which stated that the income would be either 70% of the app's sales price or 20% of the list price.
  • Developers will now control which apps are made available to purchase and to which markets they go on sale to.

It's always good to see more markets being served by the Amazon Appstore and a simplification of developer agreements.

Source: Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog

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