Amazon Echo adds support for Insteon smart appliances

Insteon has announced that a number of its smart home appliances are now compatible with Amazon Echo. By pairing the Echo to Insteon's Hub, specifically model 2245-222, you can control a wide range of smart Insteon devices and appliances around your home just by speaking to your Echo.

While you can specifically control Insteon lights, switches, and more, you can also use your Echo to control devices made by other manufacturers that are connected to the Insteon Hub, as long as they are assembled into groups. Additionally, this voice control also works with the Echo's official remote, letting you control your home with your voice even when you aren't in the same room as your Echo.

Many of Insteon's products offer full support for Amazon Echo voice control, while others, particularly keypads, only offer control over connected lights.

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Source: Insteon

Joseph Keller