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Amazon Appstore now 'in nearly 200 countries'

Web-based Appstore now available in the UK

Amazon has announced that its Appstore for Android -- the Google Play rival operated by the online retail giant -- is now  available in almost 200 countries following its expansion of the service. In a press release today, Amazon also revealed that the Kindle Fire is spreading its reach across the globe, with the total countries in which it's available set to reach 170 on June 13. To celebrate, Amazon says it'll bring back the popular Fruit Ninja as a free app of the day, along with Cut the Rope: Experimentals and classic puzzler Tetris -- these will be available from May 23.

Finally the web-based Amazon Appstore is now available to users in the UK. Brits can point their browsers to to look through the selection of available paid and free apps.

More details in the presser after the break.

Amazon Appstore for Android Now Open in Nearly 200 Countries Worldwide

Millions of Amazon customers can now discover their favourite apps and games online, from their Android mobile devices and Kindle Fires with Amazon Appstore

UK customers can now search and buy apps and games directly from their PCs

SEATTLE – May 23, 2013 – (NASDAQ: AMZN) – announced today that the Amazon Appstore is now available to millions of customers in nearly 200 countries, giving them access to apps and games from top brands Electronic Arts and Gameloft, new releases including Angry Birds Friends and Iron Man 3, all-time favorites like Temple Run 2 and Plants vs. Zombies, and indie titles like The Room and Beach Buggy Blitz.

Customers around the world can now buy apps and games directly from the Amazon Appstore on Macs, PCs or Android phones and tablets (including Kindle Fire).  Amazon also announced that Kindle Fire will be available in over 170 new countries on June 13.

To celebrate the launch, the Amazon Appstore is bringing back one of its most popular Free Apps of the Day, Fruit Ninja, along with Cut the Rope: Experiments and Tetris.  These will be available on May 23 and May 24, respectively.  With the Amazon Appstore, customers will have access to popular Appstore features like the “Free App of the Day,” which offers a paid app for free every day. In addition, the Amazon Appstore also includes popular Amazon features like personalised recommendations, customer reviews and 1-Click payments. In order to ensure that customers have the best possible experience apps and games are Amazon-tested and backed by Amazon’s world-class customer support. Apps and games purchased from Amazon can be used across any compatible Android device enabling customers to buy an app or game once and enjoy it everywhere. For a limited time, consumers will also find great promotions and discounts on popular games from leading brands such as Ubisoft and Sega.

“We are thrilled to be expanding the reach of our global app distribution to nearly 200 countries. We think our customers will love the app selection we have to offer and also find features such as Free App of the Day and personalised recommendations very helpful as they discover and explore new apps and games,” said Mike George, Vice President of Apps and Games at Amazon. “By further expanding the distribution of apps to millions of customers around the world we are continuing to make it easy for customers to enjoy their Amazon apps Kindle Fire and any Android device.” customers can view the Appstore from their PC to see the current selection of apps, including bestselling apps, top rated apps and great app offers. Customers can visit to start browsing.  

This announcement is the latest in a series of global expansions, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and Japan.  Amazon Appstore will come to the Brazilian website in the coming months

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  • Available in 200 countries, and sucks in every one of them. They now can disappoint even more people with their outrageous amounts of time they take to get app updates out and the crapiest of apps available on their free app of the day.
  • Honestly, what's with the decline in attitude around androidcentral? 90% of the posts around here now are nothing more than negative complaining about things that either don't affect the person, or don't negatively impact them. Sad. -Suntan
  • They are just a bunch of trolls
  • It directly affects me. I got sucked into the free app of the say for several apps. Now I have to wait two weeks after the update is available on Google Play before it's available on Amazon App store.
  • It was *free* and you complain about having to wait two weeks? Easy solution
    1) Uninstall the app
    2) Buy it from the Play Store
    3) Get the update quicker. How many updates are that important that they can't wait a couple of weeks?
  • Amazon android app in nearly 200 store globally
  • Since there are only about 196 countries in the world.......what are they really saying?
  • 200 country's and still not available in Canada
    it should not be that hard for them to get it working up here
  • It's there, check the homepage. Agree it's not an end all, be all but a complement to Google Play. Still waiting for true Amazon Prime in Canada though.
  • It's fine as a compliment to a device that also has access to Google Play but as the only store source i.e, my Kindle Fire that I regret ever buying it's woefully lacking on multiple levels.
  • I'm a member of Amazon Prime and would probably have a Kindle if they had the Google play store. I bought a Nook HD when they announced they were putting the Google play store in the latest software update. The nook HD is way faster and has a better screen than the Gtab 10.1 I replace it with.