AlwaysOnline Wireless debuts on-demand LTE data plan for any device

In 2015 Otono Networks announced the launch of AlwaysOnline Wireless, a global LTE roaming network exclusively for iPads using Apple's unique and proprietary SIM technology. Today, the service expands to include any compatible device such as a smartphone, tablet, or Wi-Fi hotspot.

The service works with on-demand pricing, meaning you can pay for an hour, a day or a Megabyte at a time. It's available in over 90 countries including the USA, Mexico, the UK, France, China, Spain, Japan, and Italy. You can see all the coverage details at this link. In every country with service, AOW offers a dedicated LTE network so your service is as fast as possible. Rates start at 99 cents per hour in most countries and you can schedule in advance so you're ready to go when you need it.

Plans and pricing:

  • By the Hour with Data SIM  —  from $0.99 USD per hour
  • By the Hour with Apple SIM  —  from $0.11 USD per hour
  • By the Day  —  from $2.99 USD per day
  • By the Megabyte  —  from $0.01 USD per megabyte

Wireless service is competitive and every company is looking to one-up the rest. Offering hourly plans for travelers or in an emergency is really unique, and having the ability to use it in 90+ countries isn't half bad, either. The full press release is below and you can find out more at AlwaysOnline Wireless.

AlwaysOnline Wireless Launches Global Data SIM for 4G LTE on Any Mobile Device in Over 90 Countries

VANCOUVER, CANADA (June 5, 2017) – AlwaysOnline Wireless (AOW), a leader in short-term, on-demand LTE data plans for iPad with Apple SIM users around the world, today announced its newest product, the AOW Global Data SIM.

Prior to today, the AOW service was available only to users of iPad with Apple SIM by purchasing LTE data plans directly on their device. Now with the AOW Global Data SIM, users of all other mobile devices - smartphones, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cellular-enabled tablets - can access the AOW network. This global, high speed LTE network is currently available in over 90 countries, and is expected to grow to over 100 countries by the end of the year.

Each AOW Global Data SIM can be loaded with an LTE data plan for each country being visited. Travellers can choose from a variety of affordable plans, in increments as short as one hour, one day, or larger data plans from 500MB up to 5GB.

International travel is steadily increasing, with destinations like France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and China leading in number of international arrivals annually. AOW offers data plans in each of these countries, offering hourly plans starting as low as 11¢, daily plans for as little as $2.99, and plans with larger data buckets, like the 5GB plan valid for 30 days for only $34.99. Rates and plans vary by country and can be reviewed on the AOW website at

"Today's travellers need reliable, high-speed mobile connectivity wherever they go, and the demand for affordable options is rapidly growing," said Christian Paul, VP Marketing and CoFounder of Otono Networks. "By adapting the advanced technology we developed for Apple SIM service and combining it with the most competitive rates of any travel SIM card out there, we can keep more people connected at very affordable prices."

To get started with AOW, travellers simply need an AOW Global Data SIM card that can be activated online anytime. They then can purchase and schedule plans for each country, with the ability to specify the exact start date, time, and time zone for each plan. This allows customers to only pay for what they need without any overage fees or contracts. Once travellers return home, they can keep and reuse their AOW SIM for future trips.

AOW Global Data SIM cards are currently available online at for $14.95 USD with free shipping.

For more information on AOW, visit, find us on Facebook as AlwaysOnlineWireless, or follow @AOwireless on Twitter and Instagram.

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