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What you need to know

  • On December 9, Google introduced new features for the Pixel smartphones, including automatic screen calling exclusively for the Pixel 4.
  • Later, Google revealed to Business Insider that automatic screen calling would be coming to previous Pixel smartphones running Android 10 "over the coming weeks."
  • Like the original Call Screen feature, automatic screen calling is expected to be exclusive to the U.S.

On December 9, Google had a Pixel feature drop bringing some big updates to the Pixel smartphones. One of those features is the update to Call Screen with automatic screen calling, which hopes to save you from the nightmare of robocalls.

It works by filtering out robocalls when it detects them, preventing your phone from even ringing to disturb you. Then, for unknown callers, it will first screen them to provide you with some context before ringing your phone and allowing you to decide if you want to pick up or not.

What makes this feature even more impressive is the fact that it doesn't require the use of Wi-Fi or data — all of the processing takes place on your device, ensuring your privacy and saving you money on data.

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While this is a fantastic update to Call Screen, Google only announced it initially for the Pixel 4 lineup of smartphones. However, after speaking with Business Insider, Google revealed automatic screen calling would be rolling out to all Pixel phones running Android 10 "over the coming weeks."

That's great news for all your Pixel users out there who haven't upgraded to a Pixel 4 yet, or aren't planning to after some of the mixed reviews. Now, you'll get what I consider to be one of the best features to come to the Pixel 4, without having to get a new phone.

Unfortunately for international users, Call Screen has always been a feature exclusive to the U.S., and automatic screen calling is most likely to be as well.

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