All major phone networks in the UK are having service issues right now

5G radio tower
5G radio tower (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Nearly all major UK phone networks are currently having service issues.
  • Affected phone networks include O2, EE, Vodafone, and Three.
  • The exact reason behind the mass network outage isn't clear yet.

Update: Vodafone has issued a statement saying that it was a "short-lived" problem and affected only around 9% of calls on 3G. Here's the full statement:

There was a relatively short lived problem with around 9% of voice calls only on 3G not getting through. All the operators are working together on the matter.

A mass network outage in the UK has made it impossible for people to make phone calls or send text messages. All four major UK phone networks – EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three appear to be down currently.

According to Down Detector, the network issues started at around 10:35 GMT today and is affecting customers across the United Kingdom. While most of the users are reporting problems with making phone calls and sending text messages, some are unable to access mobile data on their phones.

O2 has acknowledged the issue and said that its technical teams are currently investigating. EE, on the other hand, told BBC that the issue is affecting all carriers and it is working closely with other major networks to fix it. If EE is to be believed, the issue is only with O2's network. As of now, however, the exact reason behind the outage remains unclear.

The outage comes as millions of Brits are working from home amid the coronavirus outbreak. A total of 1,543 people in the UK have tested positive for the coronavirus so far.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • Uh oh!! Guess the end is really here.
    Best go hoard some more toilet paper!!
  • I've had no problems this morning, maybe it's regional.
  • I would be scared shitless if I lived in the UK, the governement there is run by a ******* dipshit. look at the number of cases vs the number of deaths compared to regions who are doing contain and control. Doing nothing obviously is not working, only to help the spread. Boris, just as jenius as the orange messiah. And yes, that was spelled wrong intentionally!
  • You're boot wrong, our government doesn't seem to be taking it as seriously as it should... The US is one of the few places I'd be even more concerned to live at this point...
  • Mines been fine all day. Sky Mobile(o2)
  • T-mobile is having outages in the US as well.. I have no service and downdetector shows many comments of people affected all across the US.