All carriers will support NFL streaming in 2018

If you've ever wanted to stream an NFL game on your phone, you'll know that this is a feature that's been limited exclusively to Verizon Wireless customers. This is a service that Verizon's held for quite some time now, but starting next year with the 2018 playoffs in January, you'll be able to stream NFL games on your smartphone no matter which carrier you rely on.

Verizon made this announcement via its official blog on December 11, and starting with the playoffs next month, anyone can tune into their favorite game by using the NFL Mobile, Yahoo Sports, or go90 apps. In addition to streaming the games themselves, Verizon also says that fans will be able to access NFL highlights, related coverage during the entire year, and "a robust set of jointly-developed original content."

Verizon says it'll remain a sponsor of the NFL despite this change, and its customers that are part of its Verizon Up program will continue to receive "unique experiences" during games like the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and NFL Draft.

The partnership between Verizon and the NFL has been ongoing since 2010, so it's both exciting and surprising to get an announcement like this.

Per NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

Our expanded partnership with Verizon is great for our fans. Starting with the upcoming playoffs and for seasons to come, live NFL action directly on your mobile device - regardless of carrier - will give millions of fans additional ways to follow their favorite sport.

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Joe Maring

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