The Amir RGB USB LED bias lighting strip kit drops to just $6.49 with the code DB25S9DD on Amazon. The kit sells for $13 without the code, which means you're saving more than half off the cost of the kit.


Amir RGB USB LED bias lighting strip kit

The kit comes pre-cut into four sections so it's easy to place. It has 16 colors and 4 lighting modes for you to work through. Use the included remote control to change the settings. Bias lighting helps reduce eye strain when watching TV in the dark.

$6.49 $13.00 $7 off

With coupon: DB25S9DD

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

One of the primary uses of a kit like this is as bias lighting for the back of your TV. Ever stayed up binge watching Sex and the City or Night Court or whatever it is the kids are watching these days only to find your eyes feeling a little strained? Part of that might be because you haven't slept in three days but part of it is also because of the contrast between your TV's brightness and the dark room around you. Bias lighting helps reduce that fatigue you're feeling by lighting up the wall behind your TV. You could also use this on a computer monitor for long gaming sessions.

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Of course, even if you don't need it for bias lighting you can just use the kit to add some fancy lighting around your house. Add the strips underneath your couch or around the edges of the seat in your car or somewhere else unexpected for a really neat effect.

This particular kit comes pre-cut in four sections that can attach to each other. The ability to be fliexible with the strip is necessary for lining it around the edges of a screen, as an example. It also has 16 different static lighting colors and four lighting modes you can control with the included remote. There are brightness and speed adjustments you can make, too. The kit comes with adhesive tape that makes it easy to mount onto things around the house. The only other thing you need is a USB port to plug it into for power.

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