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Actions are coming to Google Assistant on Android and iPhone

Google Assistant's Actions are coming to Google Assistant on Android and iOS. That means Assistant will be able to tap into some pretty cool third-party interactions on your mobile device.

On stage, Google showed off Assistant working with some transaction Actions, showing that it can handle payments, deliveries and more. One impressive demo involved ordering from Panera via Assistant, including making alterations to an order. Assistant even pulled address and payment information from existing data to streamline the process.

Currently, Google says, Assistant sports third-party integrations with 70 smart home partners. And since it's open to any smart home device, look for more soon.

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  • I don't know if Apple is going to be happy with this move haha I guess now people have a choice between Siri or Google assistant.
  • Until it's available on Windows it will remain absolutely useless to me. I rather keep using Cortana.
  • This was one of the more interesting features outlined for me today. Overall was a strong event though for features I need and will use. Leaves competitors quite far behind IMO.