Action Launcher has received yet another sizable update, bumping it to version 3.6, which adds Quickfind, new transitions and a slew of other changes. With the update, icon packs can now use dynamic calendar icons, which would change your calendar icon each day with the proper date. If you are a fan of the new Google logo, you now have the option to use it on the Quickbar. You can use the colorful, a single colored, or even the old logo, dependent on your preference. Some of the other changes include:

  • NEW: Introducing Quickfind! Filter and load apps at lightning speed!
  • NEW: Instantly engage Quickfind by swiping/double tapping the All Apps icon (swipe is faster than long-press!).
  • NEW: Apps that have been manually hidden can be quickly retrieved via Quickfind.
  • NEW: Quickfind can be used as a shortcut action.
  • NEW: Allow a single row of the most frequently loaded apps to display at the top of the All Apps page.
  • NEW: Use the new Google logo on the Quickbar. Pick between single colored and multi-colored variants of the new logo, as well as the the old Google logo.
  • NEW: Support dynamic calendar API, enabling apps such as Today Calendar to specify a unique icon for each day of the month.
  • NEW: Icon packs use dynamic calendar icons (if available in the icon pack).
  • NEW: Pick from 12 transition effects when moving between Home screens.

You can grab Action Launcher 3.6 from Google Play now, and for a full list of changes be sure to check out the Google+ post below.

Source: +Chris Lacy