Acer Chromebook 15

Acer steps up its Chromebook game with a new 15-incher that doesn't skimp on specs

We got pretty excited when Acer announced it was iterating on its Chromebook 13 with a new 15-inch model, and today at CES we had a chance to play around with the all new Acer Chromebook 15. The new model is bigger and beefier, and while it looks similar to the previous 13-inch model it has several design changes.

Acer has taken a similar white chassis and black keyboard, but added a bit of a grippy pattern around the outside to make it easier to hold. It also isn't quite as svelte as the ARM-powered 13-incher, instead picking up extra thickness and fans to support a new Intel Core i3 processor. The extra space also affords the room for large user-facing stereo speakers, which should be a big improvement.

The screen is also dramatically improved, dumping the lower-end TN panel type for an IPS-style display with much better colors and viewing angles all around. The model we used was 1080p and looked really good, particularly for the price.

We were using the highest-end model with 4GB of RAM and a Core i3 processor, which had the Chromebook 15 really cooking along scrolling through web pages and navigating multiple windows. We'll have to use it more before we make a judgement, but it seems right now like the boost in internal specs over the Chromebook 13 are definitely worth it. Keep an eye out for the Chromebook 15 to hit the market soon with configurations starting at $249 and heading upward from there.