AccuWeather for Android updated with Nexus 7 support

The latest update to AccuWeather for Android brings several notable enhancements, the biggest of which is complete Nexus 7 support. The new 4x2 widget is quite nice actually, with a simple layout and basic white/black/blue color setup, showing the current time and weather, as well as today's and tomorrow's forecast. It's interesting to note that the design of the new widget is starkly different from the old 4x1 widget, which is still available. A quick list of the updated features can be found below.

  • Now supports Nexus 7
  • Includes a brand new (optional), beautiful, bigger widget with the clock
  • Fixed the rare maps issue on ICS devices
  • Simplified permissions as per user requests
  • Several other defect fixes including notifications, display and performance

If you're looking for another great weather app, especially if you have a Nexus 7, be sure to check out the Google Play Store link above. The app is free with ads, or $2.99 without.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • was thinking cool. that basicly means an app with jelly bean support. so it should support ics. install BOOM menu bar right in the face *sad evo 4g lte owner*
  • Who the heck pays for a weather app?
  • I'll never understand the weird obsession people have with weather apps.
  • Too bad AccuWeather isn't very, ahem, accurate. Their forecasts and current conditions are always off in comparison to most others. Myself, I've found Weather Underground to be the best weather source. BeWeather uses it thus it's my go to weather app.
  • i just use Fancy Widgets.
  • Google Now works for me
  • I've found this too since getting the OTA to Jelly Bean. Most of my weather needs are met with the simple card I see on the home screen of Google Now.