Ring's new Spotlight Cam Pro gives you the entire picture with 3D Motion Detection

The solar powered variant of the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro.
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What you need to know

  • Ring has announced home security products such as the Spotlight Cam Pro, Plus, Alarm Panic Button (2nd-gen), and its Virtual Security Guard.
  • The Spotlight Cam Pro's battery and wire versions can be preordered for $229.99 while the solar-powered version costs $249.99.
  • The Cam Plus can be preordered for $199.99.
  • Ring's 2nd-gen Alarm Panic Button can be preordered for $29.99 as it offers different options of assistance through the Ring app.

At Amazon's virtual event on Wednesday, Ring announced several new products and advancements to its home security system.

The first headliner in Ring's next iteration of the best smart home security begins with the Spotlight Cam Pro. This new pro-tier camera is said to provide users with advanced features such as 3D Motion Detection, Color Pre-Roll, and Bird's Eye View. 

The new Ring Spotlight Cam Pro mounted on the side of a home wall.

(Image credit: Ring)

Ring is interested in providing users with the entire story when it comes to a motion-triggered event. With the new Bird's Eye View, users will be treated to an aerial map that will show the movement path of a motion event, even indicating where it began before your security system's sensors were triggered.

This is thanks to the Spotlight Cam Pro's 3D Motion Detection system, powered by radar sensors that can help the system get a more accurate view before triggering any alerts. It allows users to set a specific threshold of distance so your camera knows when to begin detecting motion. Whenever this threshold is crossed, the sensors will trigger the camera's recording, and it will alert you to motion on your phone.

Additionally, Ring has implemented these features with its users' privacy in mind. Much like the 3D Motion Detection thresholds, you will also be able to customize Motion Zones that would normally trigger a camera's recording and Privacy Zones to exclude areas in a camera's field of view so it doesn't record more private areas.

The new Ring Spotlight Cam Pro will be available for preorder from Amazon in battery and plug-in options for $229.99. A solar variant is priced at $249.99, while the wired version will ship out to customers in the months ahead. For now, if you're interested in the wired version, you will have to sign up for a notification of when it's available.

A solar powered Ring Spotlight Cam Plus.

(Image credit: Ring)

Ring's new Spotlight Cam Plus also gets an updated design and is launching in four power options: solar, battery, wired, and plug-in. It's available for preorder on Amazon starting at $199.99.

At Amazon's Virtual event, Ring also introduced the second generation of its Alarm Panic Button. This button can provide extra home security as homeowners can mount it on a wall or simply sit it on a flat surface. Ring says the new panic button will be compatible with all other Ring Alarm generations. Users will also have the ability to select the reason for hitting the button from a few options: panic, medical, or fire within the Ring app. This new button is available for preorder starting at $29.99.

Ring's integration of its Virtual Security Guard with Amazon Astro.

(Image credit: Ring)

Lastly, Ring's Virtual Security Guard will be integrated with Amazon Astro. This security technology's purpose is to provide primarily business owners with motion event monitoring from Rapid Response, compatible with any enrolled cameras and enabled when your Ring Alarm is in away mode. If motion is sensed, an agent will check the motion event for you and take appropriate action, such as checking Live View, requesting dispatch, and alerting the business owner.

Ring states this will be "perfect for business owners who want to have access to hard-to-see areas that are difficult to monitor with stationary cameras, want to complement their existing Ring or ONVIF-compatible cameras, or want an affordable alternative to hiring a human security guard by bringing Astro's physical presence and the rapid human response of a professional agent together in a single business monitoring solution."

At the moment, Ring's Virtual Security Guard is in early access and will become more widespread to more users in the months ahead. The integration is also being actively worked on, and Ring may push both the widespread availability and the AI guarding robot together in the future.

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