Echo Show 15 update brings Fire TV to your smart display

Amazon Fire TV on Echo Show 15
(Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Amazon Echo Show 15 is getting a new firmware update.
  • It brings Fire TV integration that lets you watch TV shows and movies from your favorite streaming services.
  • The update further includes spatial audio technology integration on the Echo Show 15.

If you own an Echo Show 15 already, then you're in for a treat, as some interesting new features are arriving through an OTA update from Amazon.

The company has announced that its Fire TV will be available on Echo Show 15 via a free software update. It lets you open many new options like streaming shows and movies on Prime Video and other competitive streaming platforms like YouTube TV and Disney+, amongst others.

Amazon Fire TV on Echo Show 15

(Image credit: Amazon)

While Echo Show 15 already offers all the impressive Alexa integrations, Amazon says many users are using the device to watch videos for entertainment. Hence why the company decided to bring Fire TV to the Echo Show 15 to give users access to the company's own streaming platform.

Existing Echo Show 15 users can download the software update and start using the Fire TV integration. Those purchasing a new Echo Show 15 will set up the Fire TV experience during setup so you can sign in and start streaming right out of the box.

Like any Fire TV device, users would also get the convenience of using "Alexa" to ask the digital assistant to play their favorite show or a movie across subscription services. After Fire TV is set up, users will be able to tell Alexa commands like "Alexa, play 'Rings of Power'" or "Alexa, open Disney+."

Amazon also allows users who own an Alexa Voice remote (third-gen) to pair up with the new Fire TV feature integrated into the Echo Show 15. To enhance the experience, Amazon is providing the third-gen remote for $9.99 only to those who already own the Echo Show 15; the offer is, however, limited. 

Likewise, buyers who wish to purchase the Echo Show 15 with the third-gen Alexa Voice remote can grab it for $194.99 ($84.99 off), also for a limited period. The additional takeaway for those choosing not to get the remote can eventually use the virtual remote for Fire TV that Amazon provides on the Echo Show 15 with the new firmware update.

Lastly, Amazon is bringing spatial audio to the Echo Show 15. It uses Amazon's custom-built spatial audio processing technology, which was introduced as an exclusive to Echo Studio in September. The new technology promises to improve the audio listening experience on the Echo Show 15.

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