Best Black Friday NAS HDD deals: Save big on WD Red, Seagate IronWolf, and more

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Whether you're buying a NAS for the first time and need to add hard drives or are looking to increase the storage of your home NAS, Black Friday is the best time to pick up hard drives. 

There are plenty of great deals on all major NAS HDD models, including Western Digital's Red Plus and Red Pro series, Seagate's IronWolf Pro, and Toshiba N300. NAS hard drives feature custom software designed for 24/7 use, and they come with built-in vibration resistance — ideal for use within a NAS enclosure. 

I currently have over 200TB running in my home server, and having used several IronWolf Pro and WD Red models over the course of the last decade, I have a good understanding of what hard drives you need for your home server. So if you're just getting started or looking to increase the storage of your server, these are the NAS HDDs you need. 

3TB WD Red Plus NAS HDD:

3TB WD Red Plus NAS HDD: $69 $59 at Amazon|$59 at WD 

Western Digital's Red Plus series is the ideal starting point if you're looking to pick up a NAS hard drive for the first time. This 3TB drive spins at 5400rpm and is great for single and dual-bay NAS servers. 

4TB Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD:

4TB Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD: $146 $99 at Amazon

Of all the hard drives I've used, Seagate's IronWolf Pro continues to be the standout winner. This drive delivers long-term reliability and has all the extras you're looking for in a NAS hard drive; it spins at 7200rpm, transfers files at over 214MB/s, and comes with a five-year warranty. 

4TB Toshiba N300 NAS HDD:

4TB Toshiba N300 NAS HDD: $109 $93 at Amazon

Toshiba's N300 is a fantastic value-focused NAS hard drive that undercuts the IronWolf Pro and Red Pro series. The drive is just as reliable in long-term use, spins at 7200rpm, and has rotational vibration sensors that ensure it is stable within a NAS server. 

6TB WD Red Plus NAS HDD:

6TB WD Red Plus NAS HDD: $135 $89 at Amazon|$99 at WD

The 6TB Red Plus drive is a good option if you're considering a Plex NAS server. You get more than enough storage for your movies and videos, and for $99, you are getting a good value here. 

8TB WD Red Plus NAS HDD:

8TB WD Red Plus NAS HDD: $299 $179 at Amazon|$179 at WD

We're getting into enthusiast territory with the Red Pro series. This 8TB NAS HDD is great for storing large amounts of data. The key difference with the Red Pro is that the drive spins at 5400rpm and includes a five-year warranty as standard — two more than the Red Plus. 

18TB Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD:

18TB Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD: $299 $269 at Amazon

If you already have a few NAS hard drives and want to maximize storage, the 18TB IronWolf Pro is the ideal option. I have a few of these running in a DiskStation DS1522+, and they're phenomenal. You get Seagate's latest AgileArray firmware along with a slew of vibration sensors, 7200rpm drive, five-year warranty, transfers of over 250MB/s, and a high endurance of 300TB/year. At $14.9/TB, you are getting a great value here. 

20TB WD Red Pro NAS HDD:

20TB WD Red Pro NAS HDD: $599 $329 at WD

Need a lot of storage in a single drive? Look no further than the 20TB Red Pro (WD201KFGX). This is a true powerhouse of a NAS hard drive, delivering the latest reliability features designed for use in a 24/7 environment. At $16.45/TB, you are still getting a good value here. 

With drives starting out at just $59 for the 3TB Red Plus and going all the way to $329 for the 20TB Red Pro, there is a wide variety of choice available if you're interested in increasing the storage of your home server. 

In my use case, I found Seagate's IronWolf Pro and the Red Pro drives to be the best options; these tend to be costlier than their standard IronWolf and Red Plus siblings, but they come with added reliability features and include five-year warranty as standard, and that makes all the difference. Regardless of whatever drive you pick up, know that you're getting a reliable workhorse that will serve you well for several years. 

Harish Jonnalagadda
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