Are Wyze products safe?

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Best answer: Yes, from what we can tell, Wyze products are safe so long as the hardware is secure and you take proper security precautions with your account.  

 Why the concern over Wyze? 


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Wyze has been around since 2017 when it launched the first Wyze Cam, and it quickly became one of the best indoor security cameras. Since then, the company has released many connected devices ranging from additional cameras to a smart scale. However, the company came under fire when a report came out about a security flaw. This was largely due to the excellent feature set and low price.

The gist of the security report is that in 2019 the company was made aware of a vulnerability in the Wyze Cam security lineup. Not only did Wyze fail to respond for over a year, but no action was also taken until March 2022 — nearly three years after being notified. In a blog post, Wyze stated, "At Wyze, we put immense value in our users' trust in us and take all security concerns seriously."

The company went on to say that it patched the security vulnerabilities in its cameras, except for the first Wyze Cam V1 from 2017, and instead has ended support for it. Newer models, such as the Wyze Cam V3, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Cam Outdoor, and others, have been updated. 

Should you keep using Wyze products, and what can you do?


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As far as we can tell, the noted security issues have been accounted for and patched. So, from Wyze's side of the equation, its devices are secure. However, as with any connected device, certain precautions need to be taken on the user's end. 

First, ensure that you are using a strong and unique password. Not only for your Wyze account but also by choosing different strong passwords for your other accounts. Trying not to reuse passwords is another step toward better security. One great way to do this is by using a password manager to help create a good password and keep them all solely for you.

The next step in securing your Wyze account is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Doing this will add an extra layer of security to your account. Should someone manage to get your user name and password, they won't have access to the secondary authentication measure.

Activating this feature on your Wyze account is pretty straightforward in the Wyze app. 

1. Simply open the Wyze app on your phone.

2. Tap on Account in the lower right corner.

3. Choose Security.

4. Select Two-Factor Authentication.

5. Choose the method you wish to use. 


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If possible, choose the option for authentication app over SMS as it is a bit more secure. But either option is better than nothing. 

Lastly, be sure that you are keeping the firmware of your Wyze devices up to date. This is done much in the same way as enabling 2FA. When on the account tab of your Wyze app, select Firmware Update, and the app will check if any of your Wyze products have updates available. If so, select the update option, and the app will do the rest.

Regardless of whether it is Wyze or another connected device company, it is important to ensure that you are doing your part to secure your account. Using 2FA when possible, complex passwords, and keeping them in a secure place (like a password manager, not a sticky note) are steps you can take to keep your account safe.

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