Samsung Super AMOLED touchscreens for smartphones [AC @ MWC]

Samsung didn't bring much in the way of Android at Mobile World Congress, but it did bring a new screen technology that hopefully will make it into your pocket in the near future. It's called Super AMOLED (we'll point you to ye olde Wikipedia for the regular ol' AMOLED). And it's one of those things that you kind of have to see in person to believe. Our quick glance here in Barcelona didn't knock our socks off, but there did appear to be a slight improvement in visual quality. Here's how Samsung explains it:

The Super AMOLED offers much brighter, clearer, and less reflective AMOLED OnCell display, featuring a high resolution WVGA (800x480 pixels) screen with mDNIe (mobile Digital Natural Image engine) technology. DNIe technology is proven display technology which incorporated to Samsung’s LCD TV and LED TV lineups. With a free viewing angle and super fast response, the Samsung Wave display provides superb image quality for viewing both videos and photos.

Click through for the video for the explanation we got on the show floor.

Phil Nickinson
  • Good job keeping the camera pointed at the cute girl and not the graph! =)
  • there was a graph?
  • I'm curious about whether there are any power savings with the Super AMOLED vs AMOLED or LCD.
  • Overall, I believe that the fast processor and the display are the two pillars of the Samsung Wave. At the moment, the proprietary OS and the current lack of apps are a bit of a turn off, but Samsung is trying really hard to ramp this up quickly. Time will tell. Also, the super AMOLED live up to its name for providing a brighter luminance even under the sun. More: