Adobe Flash 10.1 and AIR on the Motorola Droid [AC @ MWC]

Yeah, yeah. another teaser showing Adobe Flash on Android. We get it. We're as tired as seeing them as you are and are ready to see Flash 10.1 roll out. And the folks at Adobe assure us it's coming. They're just not saying when.

The good news is that that that we've gotten our hands on it, we're a little less fearful than we might have been earlier. We're not totally on board, and we can't wait for you guys to get yoru hands on it. But power and processor taxing issues aside, Flash ran pretty well -- not great, but OK -- on the Droid we played with, and Adobe AIR was even more smooth. So hang in there, people. It's coming. It's coming. Videos after the break.

Adobe Flash 10.1 on the Motorola Droid

Adobe AIR on the Motorola Droid

Phil Nickinson
  • so far Flash looks mre like a beta or even alpha
    I can totally understand Apple not wanting this pice of **** on their phones as I heared they only implemented software Videodecoding so far which gets less than 20fps out of a N1 at a non HD Flashmovie SAD Adobe SAD
  • I gotta say that flash as a whole is definately not stable and alot of websites problems come from poorly written flash scripts so I believe alot of mobile companies (apple, MS, etc) are starting to use the next best alternative, that is the html5.. Let's just see how this one plays out.
  • It wasn't apple's decision. They were excluded on purpose because they are douches! And flash outperforms html5 many times over. That's not an opinion either.
  • The original spec was probably to be able to run on a modern day computer. Getting Flash to run on a handheld device is probably much harder. "We could get this to run if we take out these 4 functions that use the coprocesser." "True but 90% of the most used flash application use them." "What do we do?"
  • why the heck does the nav start-up in each video?
  • I was also wondering why the car nav screen keeps popping up. As a web developer, Flash pushed other technologies (which I am grateful for), but it's had it's time and really has no home on the web any longer, not to mention a mobile device! All of it's functionality can be accomplished with other methods that are open and less CPU hungry. I'm curious how Flash is going to do on a mobile device. I agree with Apple 100% about not adding Flash to their devices. Hopefully Flash is not bundled with other updates, bc I want to be able to remove Flash from my Droid if I decide it's not worth it, but if I cannot enable and disable it, it's not going to be the end of the world- just a web with more ads.
  • Adobe AIR for mobile apps = incredible. I hope that this will be as good as it sounds.
  • Your an idiot
  • Adobe flash really sucks.. no need for it.
    But Adbobe Air i think could be great :)
  • What a lame comment "this isnt a snapdragon" the snapdragon is so overrated its not even funny.
  • Apple sucks a$$ glad they arent getting Flash.
  • Dont seem to be running too bad on Droid yet, ya what a stupid comment, this isnt a snapdragon, simply LAME!!
  • Lol, last I checked snapdragon platform had more of a speed issue running flash than the droid.
  • The Car mode keeps coming up because they have it on a car dock and when you hit the home button it goes to that.
  • worst. demonstration. ever LOL! sorry, had to do that...keep coming with the info though guys... flash has to be better than what was shown....
  • Yeah, those were the worst demo videos I've ever seen. But Flash and Air look fine. The idea that somehow because Flash isn't a great piece of software (agreed) that somehow we or Apple should therefore not want it as an option is, however, asinine. Flash is on nearly every major web page out there, including the NY Times that Apple often uses to demonstrate its deficient browsing experience. Good or bad, Flash is the rich media standard for the foreseeable future, so having it as an option on our phones would be a tremendous asset.
  • Laughing out loud at all the Droid owners getting insecure about the snapdragon comment.:D