Aardvark bringing Exchange to Android?

UPDATE: Time for a bit of rumor-mongering Exchange anticipation! Stefan Frank over at androidauthority.com claims a source (unidentified) notified them that the company Aardvark is bringing a Microsoft Exchange client to the Android platform. Allegedly, you can visit the company's web site and sign up to participate in a beta program once the client is available for testing.

If this is credible, Aardvark is promising real-time wireless synchronization of email, calendar, and contacts. Also, they are reporting that messaging will be included in the Android OS and the T-Mobile G1. The software is reported to publicly launch in Q1 of 2009 with limited beta starting right away, but you might have noticed my choice of words like "allegedly" and "credible." Even though a lot of folks are picking this up (yours truly included), I'm taking this with a grain of salt - the link allowing participation in the beta is broken, thus not inspiring me with tremendous confidence. We here at Android Central will let you know if there is truth to this rumor. We hope so! What do YOU think?

UPDATE: here is a working link for the beta signup!

(Photo credited to Stefan Frank and androidauthority.com)

Brian Hart#AC