The 3 best Android phones for former Windows Phone users

You've likely heard that Windows Phone is no longer a thing. That makes picking an alternative handset an essential step for those who need a smartphone but can no longer rely on Microsoft.

As Executive Editor of Android Central sibling site Windows Central, I have always carried around multiple smartphones to make my product reviews more informed. That makes me no stranger to Android or Apple's iPhone. If I had to choose one OS in 2018, it'd be Android due to the larger array of hardware and software options.

As to which phones I'd pick, it comes down to three choices:

Each has pros and cons, like any piece of technology. You'll need to balance each with what you prioritize the most. Do you value the camera, display, or audio? Does it fit in your pocket?

I put together this video of why I think each of these phones is worth consideration. (I also mention why I don't recommend LG or Samsung ...)

Combined with Microsoft Launcher for Android, GroupMe, Microsoft Edge for Android, and a few other Microsoft apps the jump to Android is not nearly as bad as you may think.

Plus, you can always go and make the home screen look like Windows Phone if you want to reminisce!

If you have a favorite Android phone, let me know in comments which one and why!

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Daniel Rubino