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  • A Google employee has posted a photo on Instagram said to be taken with a Pixel phone at 20x zoom.
  • Since Pixel 3 phones max out at 10x zoom, it is very likely this is a sample taken with a Pixel 4 and its new telephoto lens.
  • Previous leaks have revealed that one of the new cameras on the back of the Pixel 4 will be a telephoto lens.

Updated 12:29 PM ET: False alarm, folks. The Googler that initially posted this picture has since added a comment to the post saying, "Just to be clear: This shot was taken with a Pixel 3a. Zooming + cropping did the trick. I love this phone!." Sorry for the confusion on this one.

What's that? You want more Pixel leaks? Check out this new one via 9to5Google of an Instagram post from Google's Director of Design Claude Zellweger.

In the post, we see a rather abstract photo of a seating area titled "Light + Shadow" from the Google Design Studio. However, it's not so much what we see in the photo that's special, it's more the fact that this was taken at 20x zoom on a Pixel device — a revelation which comes later on in the comment section in reply to another Google employee's comment.

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Now, what makes us think this is a photo from the upcoming Pixel 4? Well, the Pixel 3 currently maxes out at a 10x digital zoom. Furthermore, the super res zoom can't pull off this sort of quality. As such, we're left with the Pixel 4 which will be the first Pixel phone to feature a dual-lens camera on the back.

Previous rumors have uncovered that one of those cameras on the back will be a telephoto lens. Now, if Google decides to go with a 2x optical zoom, which is quite common among phones, and you combine that with the 10x maximum digital zoom, that leaves us with a 20x zoom overall.

The Pixel phones have always been renowned for camera quality. It's even right there in the name, Pixel, so it should come as no surprise how good this sample photo looks for a 20x zoom photo. No doubt, Google's machine learning is to thank for the amount of detail that was able to be retained.

Besides the new camera setup on the back, we've learned quite a bit about the new Pixel 4 phones. Surprisingly, we're learning more and more from Google itself. First, came the confirmation of the back design, and since we've learned about the new face unlock and air gestures in a teaser video.

We've also been able to piece together info from leaks suggesting the new Pixel phones will feature 90Hz screens and 6GB of RAM. Who knows what we'll find out next and from where.

Google Pixel 4: News, Leaks, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors!

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