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20th Century Fox going to allow digital downloads to Android devices

In a surprising move, 20th Century Fox announces that it will allow digital downloads of its  movies to Android devices.

Starting in October, customers who purchase a Blu-ray disc of a movie by 20th Century Fox will be able to download the content to their computer, which can then be loaded onto the device. The first film that will offer this option is going to be "X-Men: First Class" (which can already be pre-ordered (opens in new tab)).

Here is a quote from Vincent Marcais, who is Senior Vice President of Marketing for the film studio:

“Given its strong growth as a mobile operating system, the support for Android is an important move for us because it further enhances Blu-ray discs as the best way to get your movies to all your screens.”

This is great news for Android users as it offers just one more way to get high quality content on the phone or tablet. With Netflix expanding, Google Video rentals soon to debut and movie studios such as 20th Century Fox allowing digital downloads, the content catelog continues to improve.

Source: Financial Times

  • good news. i wonder - 1. what video file format?
    2. any copy protection scheme?
    3. available for older movies too? they should have done this long ago.
  • this is huge...i hope everyone understands...this is the first step to filling a large hole on the platform.
  • Oh boy now windows and apple are really going to try to hit android hard now.
  • This is awesome news. I've always been peeved when I buy a movie with a "digital copy" and it only support apple and plays4sure (e.g. supports what, 8 whole devices?) Supporting Android is awesome, this opens up support for hundreds of devices. I will specifically look for this when I go movie shopping.
  • I don't like the way theybhandle digitial copies with bluray disks. Ill pass either which way. Drm out of control. They make it to much work for the ordinary man. By the time someone figures out how it works a hacker has already shared the file he's copied without consent one million times. Lol. They need to figure out better ways.
  • ...and woman.... Gotta be politically correct you know.
  • Some of us are not thieves and I welcome this from 20th Century Fox.
  • I'm not a theif either. But when it becomes to much of a hassel to view what you own the way you want to.
  • Bout time
  • What i wanna know is when i buy bluray with dig dl can i get it on my evo and tab 10.1 or is it one or the other?
  • Fox...
    No interest in helping Fox continue to support and expand DRM media. DRM is wrong...period.
  • The media is their property. Who gives you the right to steal?
  • Who said anything about stealing? Do you assume that anyone who doesn't agree with DRM is automatically a pirate? The fact is that DRM is a huge inconvenience to PAYING customers. PAYING customers are forced to jump through hoops to get media to either install, play or download to/on their devices while the real pirates get the easiest to use versions for free. If you don't see anything wrong with this, the film industry, music industry and games industry truly need more customers like you. But let's not turn this discussion into an argument about DRM. So back on topic...
  • Amen to that. Drm only hurts the paying customer. Becquerel you will never stop pirating. And anyone who wants to do it will. Drm isn't going to stop it. Just hurt me if I buy a movie. Like the one sitting on my one computer which can not be transfered to my other computers. So its stuck there. On one device. Until the device dies or becomes useless. Which then I loose my media. Mean while Joe over here just ripped his illegally and is distributing online. Since I can't do it. I can't watch it.
  • This would be nice if the memory on my EVO didn't fill up so quickly. HTC and other manufacturers are going to have to start putting more onboard memory in these babies. I have a 16GB SD card and routinely run out of room between apps and music, so I won't be adding an movies any time soon. The 32GB SD cards are still somewhat expensive and reviews are mixed on a number of them. What we need is cloud storage for our movies and the able to quickly pull-down and stream that content without it buffering excessively; this would call for greater expansion of 4G markets which just isn't happening at the moment.
  • how many times and how frequently do you need to watch your entire library of movies? do you really need your whole movie library on your device all at once at all times? my plan would be to leave the majority of the movies on the cloud somewhere or PC - and then download a few to the card as needed. watch them and delete - and repeat the process. parkinson's law is always going to catch up with you with local storage anyway no matter how much storage they give you - it will never be enough. Data expands to fill the space available for storage.'s_Law
  • Who still wastes SD card space on music anymore with streaming options like Google Music Beta, Amazon Cloud Drive, Audiogalaxy, & Subsonic? I don't have a single song on my phone anymore & have instant access to my entire >35GB music library & without it costing me a dime.
  • an argument can be made that - 1. streaming kills the battery very, very quickly.
    2. streaming doesn't work when you have no internet access ie most airplanes etc. personally, i use my EVO's FM Radio or the App. i like live radio. it keeps me fresh and not dated. plus i don't have to buy and "collect" and manage mp3s.
  • I still keep a significant amount of music on my devices. Mainly because Google Music and Amazon Cloud Drive, don't yet have API support for other music players. Until an API is released so that PowerAmp can take advantage of my Amazon Cloud or Google Music, or the Amazon and/or Google music players are as good as PowerAmp, then I'll remove the music from my device.
  • With 16gb filled up it sounds like you need cloud storage for your music. A dvd quality movie is about a gb. If all your music was in the cloud you could keep quite a few movies on your sd.
  • Meh, been doing it for the last three years. Their DRM caused me to learn how to pirate just to be able to do this with the DVD's I legally purchased.
  • If you've already purchased a Blue Ray of a movie, why would you feel the need to then download it to your Android device? Just to say that you can? Pointless to me, but to each his own.
  • I just took a last minute trip to Pensacola from CA. It was nice traveling light with only a carry on and my Evo. I loaded my phone with a 32 gb card full of movies, games and audible books. I then loaded the Delta Air Lines app and laughed at all the people standing in line waiting for a boarding pass while I checked in with my phone and sailed through. I then used my phone to keep me entertained. It did require the use of two spare batteries and a pocket charger. Although I will not be doing this on a regular basis, it was nice having the ability to watch movies on the go.
  • With the news that Netflix' new pricing scheme is based on the issue that physical media costs too much, I wonder if more companies will move to downloadables as the first step to doing away with CDs and DVDs.
    I can't see it entirely, as, even with the monster hard-drives available today, I still have way too much content to put on a disk.
  • So will this be available for the upcoming Star Wars Blu-Ray collection?