And GM's quiet about it, but the CUE system also supports the Qi charging standard

Update: Cadillac has confirmed to Android Central (and a tip of the hat to Slashgear here) that the wireless charging system we're talking about here also supports the Qi standard, which explains why there's a Nexus 5 in the video. It also explains why it wasn't mentioned in this Powermat-specific press release. Original follows.

Powermat and Cadillac today announced that the 2015 Cadillac ATS (and the 2014 Escalade as well) will have Powermat wireless charging installed when the car launches this fall. That is, you place your phone on a rubber pad, and it charges. No having to plug it in, and you can charge while connected to your car via Bluetooth. Which is nice.

Or, rather, it would be nice. If you actually had a device that used the Powermat standard.

Powermat, as you'll recall, is the wireless charging standard that lost to the Qi charging standard. You can find Powermat charging pads in places like Starbucks and Delta Sky Clubs. You can recognize them quickly — they're quite easy to spot with no phones on top of them.

The few phones that do have wireless charging built into them — for Android that's phones like the Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 tablet, the European LG G3, the HTC Droid DNA on Verizon and a smattering of others — use the Qi charging standard. Same goes for most wireless charging accessories — replacement battery doors and cases — that you can buy for your phone. Qi won. Powermat lost. Plain and simple.

The problem is it keeps scoring partnership deals. AT&T's only offering up Powermat-capable cases for its LG G3. The aforementioned Starbucks and Delta are keeping the dream alive. And now, Cadillac.

Do note that the Nexus 5 being used in this Cadillac/Powermat promotional video uses the Qi wireless charging standard — not Powermat — and that it doesn't appear to have any sort of case installed.

Source: Cadillac; Powermat