2014 Moto X Lollipop release notes posted, taken down quickly

Update: Looks like that page wasn't meant to be in the public eye just yet, and it's been pulled for now.

Original story: Motorola has posted the release notes for Lollipop on the 2014 Moto X today. We're excited. You're excited. This means the update is likely ready for a rollout, at least to soak testers.

Lollipop on the Moto X will be pretty much what everyone has expected — mostly stock Android 5.0. The release notes mention things like app pinning and changes to the recent apps list, as well as things like modifications to Moto Assist that will work with Android 5.0 features so that they work with the new notifications and smart lock.

There's no indication of when we'll see any updates for the X, but we're betting they are getting close to doing something. If you're in the latest soak test, you know exactly why we're saying this. In the meantime, we're waiting as patiently as we can.

Source: Motorola

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