Is 2013 the year of the smart appliance? LG thinks so, and is bringing them to CES

Android Central @ CES

LG is a big ass company. Like Samsung, another Korean electronics giant, they make a little of everything -- if you plug it in, chances are LG makes several different models of it. Of course they make appliances, and their new breed of "smart appliances" look to be pretty damn cool if you're an Android fan.

Get your fridge, or oven, or dryer (you get the picture) installed and turned on, then touch your LG Android smartphone to it and the magic of NFC sets it up so that your phone controls your appliance. You have a Smart Control app to use if you like, or you'll be able to use your voice -- "Home-bot, start cleaning" starts up the Roboking cleaning unit, or "Have you got a few minutes, washer?" will tell you the status of the load of laundry you've got washing. As long as you're on the same Wifi network, you're in control.

While it's not quite the level of automation control we see from Hollywood movies, it sounds awful damn cool (and expensive). You bet your ass we're going to look at these next week at CES.

Source: LG (Korea)

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • And this is why we need those Gigabit routers.
    Not only are our computers, phones, TV's, and tablets connected to the one router we normally have, but now we have to add our refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, stove, and toaster, and LG Central Heating Unit too... Lets not even get started on connected cars. I forgot printers, sound systems, and gaming consoles. And most importantly, Home Security Systems.
  • First the Internets coming through the wire into my house need to get here faster. It seems to me that the Interwebs are only as fast as the slowest component, correct?
  • @JobiWan144
    You are absolutely right.
    I think I'll move to Kansas now..
  • I hate to say it, but a Gb router won't make much of a difference here. If these things run like CNC machines or other automated systems, the only send a few Kb every few minutes. Typically the signal that is being sent is: I'm still running or I'm finished. Sure these devices might send more, but if all your sending to your stove is start cooking at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, you're not going to sending that much data. It might add up if you have hundreds of devices, but rest assured that a 108Mb wireless router could easily handle all the traffic in your home unless you have multiple HD video streams happening at once.
  • I want an HD camera in my oven so I can monitor my souffle from my Nexus 7!
  • Wouldn't the camera get fried though?
  • And this is why the next target cities for Google Fiber need to be New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, not Kansas City North and Kansas City South.
  • This is amazing. Awwww shoot, I always wanted to talk to my dryer from my phone... because I'm afraid of my basement and if that stuff could handle it's self, I'd do it from bed. Lets do this, LG :)
  • Another reason why I'm glad I got a nexus 4
  • Wow, this is so cool, now I can check the contents of the fridge from my Nexus 7 without leaving the sofa. If only there was an app to order more milk when I've taken the last carton...
  • You can buy the wife app, but it's pretty expensive with major bugs ;)
  • It isn't that the "wife app" has bugs per se...its that there is almost no way to turn off the incessant 'notifications'...
  • As long as they come with a glittery back/front, I'm all in. Just think how sexy a side by side fridge would look all sparkling in the kitchen as you go to grab another cold frosty beverage.
  • I would get these just so I have friends to talk to. "Hello fridge! How are you feeling today? Cold again eh?" "Hi dishwasher! OMG ur filthy!! "F U STOVE!! YOURE A BITCH!!!"
  • When Skynet takes control, not even my beer will be safe now!!!
  • about bloody time. They still need the camera inside the fridge/pantry that updates over wifi so I can see what I need to buy at the shops without making a list (or calling the wife).
  • With a camera in the fridge, maybe I can finally catch that little nome who turns the light on every time I open the door!
  • Great, so now I will be butt dialing my washing machine.
  • Having revamped my kitchen and all its appliances, the only thing that would make this technology a win for LG in the kitchen is if my phone could communicate while the appliance was still on the assembly line - and improve the build quality. Samsung appliances are way better.
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