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16GB Google Nexus 7 now listed as 'in stock' on Google Play

When it comes to the Google Nexus 7, availability on the Google Play Store has been flipped off and on more than a light switch. Google has been working on that though and now, residents in the U.S., Canada and the UK are seeing the 16GB version as in stock. There's no telling how long it will stay like that so, if you're looking to get one in the next 3-5 days you'll want to hit the link below and place your order. Still on the fence about it all? Check out our full review to help you decide.

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  • I wish Android Central would quit lying about shortages of the 16 gig version. I have been assured by many AC people on here that nobody cares about local storage anymore, and that is why it is ok not to have SD expansion on this tablet. This must be some kind of joke or conspiracy. Clearly the cheaper 8 gig model is the one everyone wants. Why would they pay more for something they don't need?
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  • "I wish Android Central would quit lying about shortages of the 16 gig version."
    Last time I checked Google was the one who stated 3-4 weeks then coming soon... "I have been assured by many AC people on here that nobody cares about local storage anymore, and that is why it is ok not to have SD expansion on this tablet." The Nexus phone doesn't have an SD slot either, if it's a big deal to you then buy a Samsung tab. Personally I don't mind the 16GB on my Nexus 7 because it isn't a storage server, it's a media consumption device. I use it to read and do light web surfing etc.
  • So why does everyone want the 16 gig version? Why would they pay more money for something they obviously don't need? It isn't a storage server, right?
  • "obviously don't need" According to who? Sure, cloud services are great. However, for a media consumption device, you want as much memory as possible if you are going to be traveling a lot and want to keep a bunch of movies, music and books on the tablet. Especially when that device only connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi. This is no different than people wanting a 64GB iPad.
  • I bought the 16g version because: 1. $50 extra bucks is no big deal to me
    2. I LIKE to store some items on my tablet
    3. I am not always near a wifi
  • People in particular those who care a lot about specs will always want more even if they don't need it. Its the "just in case" mentality. Nothing wrong with that if you are willing to pony up the cash. For the same reason why I don't buy 3TB drive, when I haven't even cross the 1TB threshold. Why am I paying extra for storage that I am not using. By the time I need it, 3TB drives will be much cheaper. People are hoarders and they will always want everything on their device. They want all 12 gigs of music including that song they once heard on a tv commercial that was amusing but will never listen to ever again. But they still want it on their devices. Thats the nature of the beast. Personally, I don't care since my N7 is rooted now and I can attach thumb drives and usb drives. Also, it seems this is the first nexus labelled device aimed squarely at the mainstream market. Its fair to say, mainstream don't care if its 8gigs or 16gigs. Hasn't stopped kindle fire from selling millions of 8gig models and no major outcry there. Those of us not in the mainstream, we generally want more and not less. Ask a car enthusiast if it matters if his car does 0-60 in 4.8 vs 8.0. Ask a mainstream car buyer the same question. They won't care.
  • Yeah, this is pretty low of Google IMO. They could have put a SD slot in the 8GB version for next to nothing, then people who need more than 8GB could pop in an SD card. Instead they charge $50 more for just 8 more gigs (ouch!) which still will not be enough for some. I expect this kind of thing from apple, but not from Google.
  • So I'm not the only one who feels kinda betrayed by Google? Excluding the SD card slot was a very Apple-like move, over charging for the extra space even more so.
  • It's not overcharging for extra space, it's called releasing more than one model. MP3 players, laptops, iPads, almost EVERY smartphone. Everyone charges a chunk more for a larger capacity version. They are releasing the best tablet on the market for $250, if that is a betrayal feel free to not purchase it.
  • His point is that they do not NEED to charge me for more space...adding an SD slot gives YOU, the end user, the option to expand as much or as little as you want. Without having to buy a whole new model.
  • Adding that slot (and probably including a card...because we all know if they didn't people would bitch about that too) would have raised the price.
  • I am guessing most people would have paid the extra 75 cents it would have cost to add a slot. SD slots are obviously not expensive. The very cheapest Android devices have them.
  • Only reason it is so cheap is like it says below. They are subsidizing the tablet hoping you will use their cloud storage services... ad space... buy more space on the cloud. The .75 cents you are guessing about would actually be a lot more if they took out their incentive to subsidize the tablet. Some people have a hard time reading between the lines, it's understandable.
  • By about how much, do you think? Very little is my guess. I think it's pretty clear that Android actually IS taking a page out of Apple's playbook. They're selling this tablet at very close to cost in an effort to sell more space on their cloud services, and keep users inside the Android ecosystem for their content. It seems that they don't want us to have the ability to bypass cloud services with this device. That being said, I'll probably get one anyway.
  • Yeah, I know it is a common practice, but for instance the Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 phones come with multiple internal memory options, but they also have a SD slot. That is the best of both worlds. It is just frustrating because for a trivial increase in manufacturing cost it could have been such a killer device for me. But as it is I don't think it will meet my needs...
  • A quick search on Google suggests that the average cost of an 8GB SSHD is $40. So, Google's pricing seems reasonable to me...especially since Apple's model is $100 for double the memory of whatever device you choose.
  • How much does your quick search turn up for 8GB of flash storage, like a micro SD card? It isn't $'s more like $5.
  • I was contrasting the $50 "ouch" remark to the SSHD upgrade. Obviously a 8GB micro-sd card doesn't cost $40. The inclusion of the SD slot and (assuming) included card would have raised the price of the tablet anyway...and you guys would STILL be bitching because it was no longer the "$199 sweet spot".
  • Um...who is bitching about the 16 gig version's price tag? The only bitching has been about it's cost RELATIVE to the 8 gig version.
  • Nope. My main issue is with Google taking away my options. The biggest reason I use Android over iOS is that, with Android devices and software, I have far more control over my devices and how I use them. By making a conscious decision not to include an SD slot, Google has taken away the ability to use my hardware as I see fit.
  • LOL! I was wondering the same thing.
    8 gig Class 6 SDHC...$8 (btw - have seen 16 gig SD cards for $8 as well)
  • I can't believe people are still complaining about the lack of microSD. Get it through your heads. The Nexus 7 is a Google Experience Device. Google Experience Devices will never have microSD cards. Don't like it? Well that's what the rest of the Android ecosystem is for. Leaving out MicroSD cards gives room for Android OEMs to sell their own devices. If Google made the perfect device, on a tiny profit margin, the OEMs would drop Android pretty fast.
  • Your final price for this product is $199/$249 with gps, bluetooth, quad core, 1 gig of ram etc.. How do you feel ripped off? Yesterday, I attached a 32gig thumb drive to my N7. Problem solved even though I have no need for the drive or even close to needing it.
  • Ummm. No.
  • Clearly you missed the big gap in between... If everyone wants the 8GB then why was the 16gb out of stock for weeks? Google even was shocked by the demand because everyone thought "Oh this is cheaper im going to grab this one" but that wasn't the case.. everyone went with the 16GB version.. the 8GB was in stock for weeks on the Play Store, Plus Asus isn't even shipping the 8GB in retail stores.. why? i don't know.. But memory is a big thing.. if you don't have a external SD card slot then you need to get the biggest or pick whatever suits you.. Maybe you like the 8GB because you probly trust the cloud with your life.. or maybe your just near WiFi all the time (or just love to tether) but maybe i want to sideload movies i already own? maybe i want to download my play store items to my device? maybe i have over 150 apps.. the only people that don't care about storage is people who don't ever max out their storage or come close
  • The Nexus 7 isn't for you. Time to move on. Lots of alternatives in the Android ecosystem. There is nothing that says Google has to give you everything you want in a Nexus device.
  • The early buyers are not going to be your mainstream buyers. They in fact don't even know much about the N7 yet because there are none at the stores for them to look at. The ones who bought it are the uber geeks like myself who hound android news site for the imminent launch of the N7. Those are your first buyers and those are the ones who want more. Over the next several months you will have the mainstream buyers like the millions who bought 8gig Kindle Fire. The group of buyers won't care that it has 8gigs or 16gigs. If you care so much for a nexus device then rooting should be second nature to you. Otherwise why are you buying a nexus device? Because of the price/performance. biggest bang for your buck. Is there another tablet out there that gives you the price/performance ratio of the N7? Nope. Therefore, you are getting the best value with what was delivered.
  • Could you name who in AC told you that ?? So I think you should buy my super old HTC aria with only 384mb of rom and storage and see how you get stuck with it lolz. I use Hp touchpad 32gb and all I have left is only 3GB. I don't know how about others user but I need and care for local storage. And if there are only 10% of the world population like me, there still be the huge market :D :D
  • Jeff, I picked up two 16 gigs. The missing SD slot didn't deter me, and you're right, who cares. At the same time I payed the extra fifty for the extra 8 gigs, who cares?, never know. ;)
  • Ah, clearly I had no idea that I don't care about local storage anymore. (Hint: I do.) I must also clearly want the cheaper 8 GB model. (Hint: I don't.) Thank goodness you stopped me from buying something I don't need. (Hint: You didn't.) JeffDenver, I just want to thank you profusely for speaking for me. (Hint: Clearly, you don't.)
  • Waiting to buy it locally. If I'm going to have to pay tax anyway, might as well save myself the shipping cost.
  • I bought my Nexus 7 from Office Depot's website 2 weeks ago. They charged sales tax, but shipping was free (and UPS overnight). :-)
  • I grabbed an 8GB unit at launch, fully intending to "upgrade" to the 16gb if I needed more storage, and I'd give the 8gb to the wife. You know what? I don't need the storage. Go figure. (and if I did, I can always use a flash drive at this point anyway) BTW, if you're on the fence, but it. I've owned an ipad, an iPad2, a xoom, and the wife currently uses an acer tablet. This is far and away my favorite.
  • Did not know you could use a flash drive. Is this true?
  • Yeah, if you root.
  • Lol, that's too funny, I did the exact same thing. Bought an 8gb version with the intention of possibly upgrading to a 16 and giving this one to my wife. So far I am doing just fine on storage though. Right now she has a Nook tablet and it's alright but the N7 is smoking hot. I am probably going to be getting her a N7 in the near future too, whether it's my 8 gig or a brand new one is still yet to be seen. Either way I am probably going to wait until I can just walk into a store and pick one up though. Oh and I have owned a couple of other tablets also and this one is definitely my go-to tablet now.
  • The shortage is accurate - my 16gb Nexus 7 completely died over the weekend (I think it was the battery, RIP) and Google is sending me a replacement, but when I checked over the weekend it was out of stock. Now today it is back in stock (thank goodness).
  • Does anyone know what the actual dimensions of the screen on this are? All I can find is the 7" diagonal measurement. I'm trying to decide between this and a TF700, and I can't find this information on either of them...all anyone publishes is the diagonal measurement.
  • It takes some geometric math. Let me do your work for you here. *scribble scribble The answer is 3.76" x 6.01". Reply if you want to see how I did that, or don't and mooch off of someone else's work without learning anything.
  • Dear Google: Make an 8gb version with a SD slot and I would buy it for $250.
  • Google won't do that. But Samsung, Acer, HTC, Toshiba or even Asus itself might. Google Experience Devices (Nexus line) don't come with MicroSD slots. Get over it.
  • Buy the 8gig model. Pay $5 for an OTG cable.
    Spend 20-30 minutes to root it (1.5 hours if you never rooted before).
    2 minutes to download and install stickmount.
    Then plug your N7 to a flash drive, your 250 gig drive, your keyboard, your mouse and whatever else you can stick in there.
  • Personally, i am just planning on waiting for my replacement from gamestop and will unlock and root it like i should have. Already got my OTG cable and ordered a 64GB stick from Amazon for $30. I like to have options.
  • If you need more storage this device is not for you. Some people will complain no matter what. The price point for this hardware has google barely breaking even IF that. And to all you saying it only cost this much to include this or that. Granted you may have some google searches to SUGGEST something along the lines of what you belive is the cost of this implimentation but the bottom line is your NOT an OEM or device manufacturer so you DON'T KNOW. Some people are so clouded by what THEY want they let thought turn into absolution. Like a few people above have said the Nexus line traditionally doesnt have external storage options. For you guys to be such Android
    Fans/users/supporters you should've known that. Thats not to say you can't wish but man some people are literally outraged. Google just did all of us a HUGE favor with this tablet and thats make the market EXTREMELY competitive in terms of pricing. So they left out something theyve NEVER included, big deal. I know it sucks I wanted this one too but I also know who it's for and I get it. Now at that price it starts to beg the question of if I can become who it's for and I think thats what alot of you are wrestling with. If you need the storage my advice would be to sit this one out admire from afar and hope the success of this tablet will bring a possible 10inch counterpart or other oems step up and make something equally amazing WITH an Sdcard slot. I'm a music artist and although lots of people LOVE music a great deal of people have no idea how much goes into recording and creating a great song. Hence a generation of people who think music should be free but thats another story. Its a similar situation here we love our tech our smartphones and so on, but these people at the end of the day run a business. They have to do whats best for them and hopefully whats best for you (ie the consumer) is greatly considered in that process. And like it or not what google needs at this junction is a larger awareness of its ecosystem. Only guys like us (people on AC and the like) really really care about and understand hardware specs. For the vast majority it's the software thats selling them. What can they do with the device and how well does it work. I personally like the Google Play Store better than the App Store, I think the layout is better and I think it makes more sense to have everything in one place. But you guys underestimate how many people seem to think that the app store for apples offerings is vastly superior. When I worked at sprint people would ask if an android phone had an APP STORE, some of them actually meant an Apple App Store on an android device. To you or I that sounds rediculous but it happened alot. Point is the Google Play Store is not KNOWN like that it doesn't have the same staple among the general population which is a shame given androids dominant market share. Yes google wants you to consume more content from Google Play. And yes that would suggest they left the sd card slot put on purpose. And yes for those of us who aren't always connected to wifi that sucks. But I can't be mad about it. I like android and so far the Nexus 7 has been nothing but positive for the platform. I do however believe that if the Nexus line is going to continue forward with no sd expansion in any of it's offerings than Google needs to come up with a total Backup/Restore option. I know they kinda have it now since ice cream sandwich but it needs to be more unified more local and have more user control.
  • Two words - paragraph breaks.