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With most of us working from home because of the coronavirus, this may be a good time to do an inventory of your technology and gadgets and consider which might you might need or want to upgrade.

If you hold The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, it now comes with a limited-time up to $200 in additional statement credits for U.S. purchases with Dell: $100 in additional statement credits from May 1 through June 30, 2020, and up to $100 in additional statement credits between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2020 — making this perk now worth $400 a year.

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The credit can be used toward your total purchase at Dell, but if you are looking to truly get something for $0 out of pocket, there are hundreds of items that you can buy for $200 or less. Note that you must register for the statement credit prior to making your purchase for it to count. Below are 10 items you can "buy" with the new $200 credit.

Three Nintendo Switch games: $177

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 10.51.50 AMSource: The Points Guy

If you're lucky enough to have the hottest game console on the planet, you (and the kids) are going to need games for it. For $59,99 each, consider using your credit to buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening and Super Mario Odyssey.

Vizio TV 40-Inch LED Full HD Smart TV: $199.99

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 12.08.21 PMSource: The Points Guy

Connect your Nintendo Switch console to this high-definition television and play the Switch games you just bought. Watch television via popular apps such as Apple TV+, Disney+ and more using with Apple AirPlay 2 or Google Chromecast. Also binge-watch popular shows and movies on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and other streaming services.

2 pairs of JBL wireless earbuds: $199.90

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 11.05.07 AMSource: The Points Guy

I'm not a big fan of Apple AirPods. But I do like the sound and quality of these JBL wireless earbuds with a recharging case. With your Dell credit, you can buy two pairs of these earbuds, which is cheaper than $149 for AirPods or $249 for AirPod Pros.

Sony noise-cancelling headphones: $199.99

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 11.18.01 AMSource: The Points Guy

With shelter-in-place still in effect across the country, you're probably working from home. These wireless on-ear headphones with noise-cancelling capabilities are a great option, especially if you're looking for some quiet in a full house or apartment.

2 pairs of Bose multimedia speakers: $198

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 11.24.39 AMSource: The Points Guy

These speakers pack a sound punch for playing music, games and videos on your compute — at a price that lets you buy them for two different devices.

2 Transcend portable 1TB external hard drives: $175.98

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 11.30.26 AMSource: The Points Guy

There are so many projects to take on while trapped in the house. One of them is to back up all your computers. Use two of these rugged 1 TB portable hard drives to do it.

Dell 24 Monitor: $144.99

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 11.41.55 AMSource: The Points Guy

If you're missing the large monitor you're used to using at work, this one is a solid replacement at a good price. The monitor has full HD resolution and reduces up to 60% of harmful blue light emissions, making it easier on the eyes. It also connects via VGA and DP ports. For another $41.99, throw in a Kensington SmartFit Spin2 monitor stand.

Lexmark C3224dw wireless color laser printer: $181.99

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 11.52.13 AMSource: The Points Guy

This wireless printer can print up to 24 pages a minute. It comes with Ethernet support, can handle two-sided printing and holds up to 250 sheets of paper.

Amazon Echo Show: $179.99

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 12.00.26 PMSource: The Points Guy

Although most homes have at least one smart speaker, maybe you want to step up your game. So consider upgrading to the video-capable Echo Show, with a 10.1" HD screen, built-in smart home hub and improved speakers. With the Show, you can ask Alexa to show you a recipe, watch live TV on Amazon Prime or Hulu, listen to music, make video calls or even control compatible smart home devices including security cameras, lights and thermostats.

Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab*: $149.99*

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 12.18.00 PMSource: The Points Guy

You may need some time alone to watch your favorite programs, read a book or play games. Pair this 32GB tablet with your wireless earbuds or headphones and do it all in peace and quiet. The tablet comes with two months of ad-free YouTube Premium.

What Doesn't Work

Dell gift cards can seem like an easy way of maximizing the statement credit — banking funds for a larger purchase later. Unfortunately, Dell doesn't sell its own gift cards directly. So the purchase won't trigger the statement credit.

Maximizing Your Purchase

Before you make your purchase, make sure to register for the Dell statement credit. And while you're on the American Express website, check your Amex Offers to see if your Amex Business Platinum is targeted for an Amex Offer on Dell purchases, like the offers below:

Dell Dell

The terms of that Amex Offer say that you'll need to make the purchases through Dell.com/amex. So, you'll probably want to use that link to make sure that you get 10% cash back. However, if you aren't targeted — or want to risk giving up the 10% cash back for potentially even more cash back — you can click through a cash-back portal such as TopCashBack, which is currently offering 4% back:

Dell 4 CashbackSource: The Points Guy

Check evrewards.com to see which portal is offering the highest offer. Mr. Rebates is offering 3% cash back for Dell and 8% for refurbished goods.

Cashback Monitor's history of Dell cash-back rates shows that 20% back offers come around about once a year. If you're looking to absolutely max out this $200 Dell statement credit offer, it might be worth waiting for an elevated cash-back offer.

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 10.07.43 AMSource: The Points Guy

Or you can maximize your return by booking through an airline portal that's offering bonus miles for Dell purchases. For example, multiple airline portals are offering bonuses for shopping at the Dell Outlet:

Screen Shot 2020 05 03 At 10.14.01 AMSource: The Points Guy

Although the miles/points per dollar spent have dropped from past levels, you can still stack these promotions and end up getting a free item — after the statement credit — plus cash back on top of that. That's not bad for a credit card perk that just doubled in value.

Bottom line

With the calendar not resetting until July, there's no rush to use up the new $200 credit, but if you need goodies, now's as good a time as any to hit "checkout." With Dell selling a ton of different items — and a bigger credit to buy them — you should have no problem finding the next new piece of technology or gadget for your family. But don't forget to register for the promotion before you use the Amex Business Platinum Dell credit.

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