520 employees to leave the company as it also closes three offices across the country

Gaming development behemoth Zynga is trimming down its workforce today by a dramatic 18-percent in order to refocus its efforts on mobile and touch screen gaming. In a company-wide memo obtained by Kotaku, CEO Mark Pincus explains that in order to focus in on Zynga's strengths the tough decision to cut jobs was necessary. While Zynga's original strategy of providing web games via platforms like Facebook took off initially, the company understands that the future is mobile. And although it seems tough on a large number of employees right now, Pincus explains that he is glad it is taking place "from a position of financial strength" rather than retreat.

You can call into question whether Zynga is actually financially strong at the moment, but the good side of this is that the company will be providing generous severance packages to the employees effected by this layoff. As for the future of Zynga, we can rest assured that it will continue to pump out some of the most popular games on mobile today. The full employee memo can be found at the source link below.

Source: Kotaku


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Zynga lays off 18-percent of workforce to focus on mobile


productivity for the "lucky" 82 percent will go downhill... that's for sure.

they will spend a lot of time at working wondering how secure their jobs are.

Hate to say it but, social media and virtual companies are coming to an end. This is one the casualties of the bubble bursting.

Hmm. 520 employees is only 18% of the workforce. Every game is pretty much identical.

Zynga is still too fat for what it does. I don't like layoffs but IMHO it shouldn't have been that big in the first place. What are all those people doing exactly? Can't be much.

You're not considering the manpower necessary to evaluate, play, dissect and re-theme all the games companies all over the world are releasing so Zygna programmers could make clones of them.

Someone should make a game based on Zynga :D

Multiplayer feature - first player to get their company bankrupt wins.
You must monitor your staff and stop them from being creative or producing anything that resembles a game, otherwise this will increase your company's income and reputation, which must be avoided at all cost.
Hiring more staff can help you go bankrupt quicker, but it'll be harder to hinder all of their productivity. You can fire staff at any time if you start turning a profit and it gets out of control.