Sprint ZTE Vital

Another well-specced device to expand Sprint's LTE offerings

Press images and specs of what's purportedly called the ZTE Vital have leaked out today, giving details on another new LTE device destined for Sprint. Details on the device given to Engadget list a 5-inch HD (assumedly 1080P) display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2500mAh battery, 13MP camera, 1GB of RAM and what looks to be basically stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Naturally the device will run on Sprint's LTE network, sitting alongside the other high-end devices currently on offer such as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, although pricing or availability aren't known right this moment.

The detailed renders and specs list we have available today, if true, line up almost exactly with ZTE's latest flagship device the Grand S LTE. First shown off back at CES in January, the Grand S LTE basically packed in every piece of top-notch hardware available at the time, and should hold up against other high-end offerings even 6 months later. Sprint had ZTE have partnered up in the past for some specialty and mid-range devices, but nothing this highly specced. It will be interesting to see how it is priced and presented if it becomes available. Several more renders of the device can be found at the source link below.

Source: Engadget

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Floss82 says:

Not bad actually! Wallpaper please lol

The dood says:

Sooo glad that I got an N4 & left sprint!

baldypal says:

It does look like a nice phone. are those buttons on screen? i can't tell exactly. What happened to the government trying to ban ZTE? http://www.androidcentral.com/huawei-and-zte-risk-national-security-says...

flychinook says:

Yes, they're onscreen buttons. From the picture I saw, it appears to be completely stock Android *4.2*

On the Grand S LTE, at least, the buttons are capacitive and not on the screen.

The U.S. government probe into whether or not ZTE and Huawei are a threat to national security was more focused on network infrastructure (towers, switches, etc) than consumer-level devices. I dont think there was ever any real threat by the U.S. to stop the sale of individual phones to consumers from these companies.

flychinook says:

I'll admit I'm just going off the picture (which strangely didn't look completely like the phone in the picture at the top of this article). The buttons looked to be onscreen.
It's completely possible the wrong photo was used for the training materials. I thought it looked suspiciously like the sprint Force...

If this is indeed a Grand S LTE, the buttons would be on the bezel and be capacitive. I had the same feeling when I used the phone at CES back in January. From even a close distance they look to be on the screen, but they're in the bezel.

This of course could be a different variant of the device with on-screen buttons, but I'm not leaning in that direction.

trwrt says:

Should I be looking at this through 3D glasses or something? Otherwise, why is there a drop-shadow along the top of the phone, just floating in empty space?

tr-1 says:

Thank you for not Fing with Android!
Wish more OEMs would be like that

gray21t says:

Please stop with sprint id

brendilon says:

Is it so hard to use 4.2.2 instead of 4.1????

zero.efx says:

Yes. Yes it is. Now go have some warm milk and calm down, friend. :-)


Elaborate? Then, you can have some warm milk lol.

zero.efx says:

Oh. I wasn't talking about from a logical perspective. I mean, if anyone who reads this site seriously and was a ZTE CEO I'm pretty sure anyone of us would put the latest version of current android on our phones.

But from an illogical standpoint? Makes perfect sense. Kinda like that holiday present you know you got but you can't wait to open until said day at said time. But you peeked and oh boy! You know what you got! Yeah... You got that! It's like maybe ZTE wants to update later just to be like "Here's your present! We're good to you! We heart you!" I mean, you can smell dinner being done down your driveway but you can't eat it til you sit down and have a plate. Unless someone runs out to you while you're walking up the driveway and throws down a table and plate of spaghetti like "It's ready right now! Go, go, go! Eat it! Update your human version from hungry 4.1.2 to 4.2.x nooooow!" see? Maybe it's not so evil. Maybe ZTE is waiting for you to walk upstairs and sit at the table so they can give you a big plate of spaghetti and beer and rub your feet.... Ahh... ZTE is a wonderful woman... Wait... What? NM... This is about Android updates...

Yeah... I'd go with the logical one instead lol.

sentinelred says:

Since when has the version of Android even been an issue? Aren't you tired of bitching and sounding like you have fistfulls of sand in your vagina? Learn how to put a custom ROM on it.


Calm down, he was simply asking a question. We all realize that the differences between 4.1 and 4.2.2 are minimal. However, with that said, if the differences are minimal, why use an older version over a newer one? Is there a financial incentive to using an older version? I think it's a good question, personally.

*** And FYI, not everyone cares to root and rom. A newer version of Android shouldn't always require a person to root and rom.***

Wow, its a internet bully.

I agree.

flychinook says:

Just had an "introduction" to this phone today at work, the materials said it has Jellybean 4.2.

Pricing is $99 for new lines and upgrades, and I believe it said $349 full retail, maybe $399. The course also mentioned that it will come preloaded with some need for speed game.

droidhead_1 says:

That's a great price!

flychinook says:

Just double checked, mrc is indeed $349, but I was wrong on the bundled game, it's Real Racing 3. "break resistant" / "scratch resistant" glass is also mentioned, but the name gorilla glass was nowhere to be found. Is there a generic version of gorilla glass?

That doesn't seem like high end to me. More like mid-range with a high end display.

This is 2013. High end for Android must be quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro or higher, at least 2GB RAM, 1080p display, with a well performing 8MP camera & Jelly Bean or newer.

droidhead_1 says:

For $349 non-nexus that's as high end as it well get.

Gearu says:


DWR_31 says:

If this cost as much as a GS3 $99 or less it makes a nice mid-range contender.